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Recently widowed Doctor Michael Hfuhruhurr, the world's greatest neurosurgeon, injures Dolores Benedict in a car accident. He operates on her and saves her life using a technique of his own invention: cranial screw-top brain entry. As Benedict recovers, Hfuhruhurr falls in love with her and they are soon married. However, Benedict is only interested in Hfuhruhurr's money and Hfuhruhurr still yearns for his previous wife. They travel to Vienna to attend a medical conference where Hfuhruhurr finally divorces Dolores, meets a mysterious Doctor Alfred Necessiter and becomes entangled in a series of murders committed by The Elevator Killer.

Director: Carl Reiner
Writer: George Gipe, Steve Martin, Carl Reiner
Production: Aspen Film Society
Year: 1983
MetaScore: 61/100
ImdbRating: 6.4
BoxOffice: $10,353,438
Released: 03 Jun 1983
Awards: N/A

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Dr. Michael Hfuhruhurr - Steve Martin
Dolores Benedict - Kathleen Turner
Dr. Alfred Necessiter - David Warner
Butler - Paul Benedict
Dr. Pasteur - Richard Brestoff
Realtor - James Cromwell
Timon - George Furth
Dr. Brandon - Peter Hobbs
Dr. Felix Conrad - Earl Boen
Gun Seller - Bernie Hern
Inspector - William Traylor
James Gladstone - Bernard Behrens
Desk Clerk - David Byrd
Nurse in Room - Adrian Ricard
Bellboy - Sparky Marcus
Housekeeper - Perla Walter
Little Girl - Mya Stark
Dr. Schlermie Beckerman - Don McLeod
Morgue Attendant - Peter Elbling
Hooker #2 - Kate Sarchet
Hooker #3 - Wendy Sherman
Drunk Test Policeman - Warwick Sims
Handsome Waiter - Breck Costin
Minister - Tom Spratley
Tourist in Elevator - Estelle Reiner
O.R. Attendant - Art Holliday
Dr. Jones - Jeffrey Combs
Nurse #1 - Jenny Gago
Nurse #2 - Elma V. Jackson
Older Nurse - Oceana Marr
Nurse Breen - Haunani Minn
Cab Driver - Mel Gold
Beautiful Girl Hit by Car - Stepfanie Kramer
Patrol Car Officer - George Fisher
Self - The Elevator Killer - Merv Griffin
Poodle - Binnie
Lecture Guest - Bob Harks
Attending Physician - Danny Nero
Anne Uumellmahaye - Sissy Spacek