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She's an artist She's

This is an interesting piece, Mr. Ipkiss. Looks like fourth or fifth century Scandinavian,...

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[Stanley is at Dr. Neuman's office. Dr. Neuman examines the mask]

Dr. Arthur Neuman:
This is an interesting piece, Mr. Ipkiss. Looks like fourth or fifth century Scandinavian, possibly a representation of one of the Norse night gods... maybe Loki.
Stanley Ipkiss:
Loki? Who's Loki?
Dr. Arthur Neuman:
The Norse god of mischief. Supposedly he caused so much trouble, that Odin banished him from Valhalla forever.
Stanley Ipkiss:
Then he could've banished him into that mask!
Dr. Arthur Neuman:
I'm talking about mythology, Mr. Ipkiss. This is a piece of wood.
[Stanley approaches Dr. Neuman, handing him his book "The Masks We Wear"]

Stanley Ipkiss:
But your book!
Dr. Arthur Neuman:
My book is about masks as metaphor, Mr. Ipkiss. A metaphor... not to be taken literally.
[Dr. Neuman puts the book on his desk]

Dr. Arthur Neuman:
You're suffering from mild delusion.
Stanley Ipkiss:
All right.
[Stanley picks up the mask]

Stanley Ipkiss:
I'm going to prove it to you.
[Stanley walks to the corner of the room]

Stanley Ipkiss:
But I am not responsible for the consequences. Just sit back and enjoy the ride, Mr. Expert.
Dr. Arthur Neuman:
You don't scare me, Mr. Ipkiss. Go right ahead.
Stanley Ipkiss:
See ya.
[Stanley presses the mask to his face, but nothing happens. He moans and hops around, wails, waves his hands, but still nothing. Dr. Neuman watches him unimpressed. Stanley removes the mask and approaches Dr. Neuman]

Stanley Ipkiss:
Okay! You said Loki was a night god. Maybe it only works at night.
Dr. Arthur Neuman:
Mr. Ipkiss, I feel I should warn you, that I don't work personally with really sick people. There are private institutions for things like that. However, if you would like me to arrange for a safe environment for you tonight, I can do that.
Stanley Ipkiss:
[Stanley sits at the desk opposite of Dr. Neuman]

Stanley Ipkiss:
I've got to see Tina. But what do I do? I mean, do I go as myself or the Mask?
Dr. Arthur Neuman:
If I tell you, you promise to leave my office right now?
[Stanley nods]

Dr. Arthur Neuman:
All right.
[Dr. Neuman stands, approaches Stanley, places his hand on his right shoulder, and pats on his left shoulder]

Dr. Arthur Neuman:
Mr. Ipkiss, go as yourself and as the Mask, because they are both one and the same beautiful person.


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:04.045
She's an artist She's
00:00:04.129 --> 00:00:06.339
sensitive Forget her
00:00:06.381 --> 00:00:10.051
She'll rip out your heart put it in a blender and hit frappe
00:00:10.552 --> 00:00:14.431
You don't need her You need somebody down to earth
00:00:14.514 --> 00:00:18.601
Somebody with some integrity Somebody with
00:00:18.685 --> 00:00:19.935
red hair
00:00:20.001 --> 00:00:21.895
full pouting lips
00:00:21.937 --> 00:00:24.274
a white blouse green jacket
00:00:24.357 --> 00:00:25.608
and a name tag
00:00:25.692 --> 00:00:27.944
You really narrowed it down
00:00:28.001 --> 00:00:30.196
Too bad she's already taken

Clip duration: 31 seconds
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Timestamp in movie: 00h 27m 40s
Uploaded: 03 April, 2022
Genres: romance, comedy, crime, fantasy
Summary: When timid bank clerk Stanley Ipkiss discovers a magical mask containing the spirit of the Norse god Loki, his entire life changes. While wearing the mask, Ipkiss becomes a supernatural playboy exuding charm and confidence which allows him to catch the eye of local nightclub singer Tina Carlyle. Unfortunately, under the mask's influence, Ipkiss also robs a bank, which angers junior crime lord Dorian Tyrell, whose goons get blamed for the heist.


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Dr. Arthur Neuman - Ben Stein
Stanley Ipkiss - Jim Carrey