The cottage of Jessie Brown
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Your brother's notions of business extend no further than... MacKellar... ! ...the cottage...

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Your brother's notions of business extend no further than...
Henry Durie:
MacKellar... !
...the cottage of Jessie Brown.
Henry Durie:
I'm thinking you're an envious old man.
I'm thinkin' there's a season for sowing oats and a time to plow them under.
Henry Durie:
I'll tell him that. He'll be most impressed.


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-"and bring him directly here." -Bring me where?
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Didn't I tell you? Must be the dryness in my throat.
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He's at the cottage of Jessie Brown.
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- Go tell the house. -Especially Lady Alison.
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Tell her he's alive, but not where. She mustn't risk being caught.
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Your master's developed a peculiar taste for Irish whiskey.
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We lost forever this time.
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All those brave, bright banners...
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and our Bonnie Prince skulking in a cave, hiding like a stag in the heather.
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Stay here, Jamie. They'll never seek you here.
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- We can hide you at the castle. -They'll seek everywhere.
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There's a boat in the bay. It'll take us to France.
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How much money can you bring me?
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I don't know. I'll have to see what there is in the strongbox.
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Father might have some, but you know how it's been.
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No, I don't. I didn't know you'd have to count the till to save my life!
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- That's not what I meant. -"I don't know, Jamie."
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Give me a man of decision like your brother who says:

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Uploaded: 23 September, 2021
Genres: action, adventure, history
Summary: Two noble Scottish brothers deliberately take opposite sides when Bonnie Prince Charlie returns to claim the throne of Scotland in order to preserve the family fortune.


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MacKellar - Mervyn Johns
Henry Durie - Anthony Steel