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The Pacifier quotes

The Pacifier poster
The scene where Lulu tells Shane that she thinks he's cute and Shane's embarrassed response was based on a real-life incident on set. Morgan York (the actress who plays Lulu), upon meeting Vin Diesel, actually said that to him and he awkwardly responded with a "thank you". The director thought it was so funny that he put it in the film.GoofsWhen the Navy SEALs are addressed, they are referred to as soldiers. This is incorrect as SEALs are navy sailors, and are addressed as such.QuotesLulu Plummer: Do you know Kung Fu?Shane Wolfe: Yes.Lulu Plummer: Have you ever hit a guy so hard his head came off?Shane Wolfe: No.Lulu Plummer: Why are your boobs so big?Shane Wolfe:

Director: Adam Shankman
Writer: Thomas Lennon, Robert Ben Garant
Production: Walt Disney Pictures, Spyglass Entertainment
Year: 2005
MetaScore: 30/100
ImdbRating: 5.6
BoxOffice: $113,086,868
Released: 04 Mar 2005
Awards: 1 win & 10 nominations

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Shane Wolfe - Vin Diesel
Principal Claire Fletcher - Lauren Graham
Julie Plummer - Faith Ford
Zoe Plummer - Brittany Snow
Seth Plummer - Max Thieriot
Capt. Bill Fawcett - Chris Potter
Helga - Carol Kane
Vice Principal Dwayne Murney - Brad Garrett
Lulu Plummer - Morgan York
Peter Plummer - Kegan Hoover
Peter Plummer - Logan Hoover
Baby Tyler Plummer - Bo Vink
Baby Tyler Plummer - Luke Vink
Howard Plummer - Tate Donovan
Director - Scott Thompson
Mr. Chun - Denis Akiyama
Mrs. Chun - Mung-Ling Tsui
Liesel - Anne Fletcher
Maria Rainer - Allison Lynn
Captain von Trapp - Gabriel Antonacci
Brigitta - Mary Pitt
Friedrich - Dan Sutcliffe
Louisa - Rachael Dolan
Mother Abbess - Toya Alexis
Cheerleader - Christie Allaire
Cheerleader - Stephanie Allaire
Cheerleader - Amy Allicock
Cheerleader - Helena Chow
Cheerleader - Joella Crichton
Cheerleader - Laura Jeanes
Cheerleader - Rebecca Priestley
Female Customer - Taryn Ash
Teacher - Shane Cardwell
Showroom Cleaner - Tommy Chang
Little Boy - Alexander Conti
Cute Cop - David Lipper
Cute Cop's Partner - Tig Fong
Firefly - Maria Georgas
Firefly - Nikki Shah
Firefly - Jordan Todosey
First Junior Grizzly - Demetrius Joyette
Second Junior Grizzly - Christopher Lortie
Grizzly - Sotiri Georgas
Grizzly - Steven Georgas
Grizzly - Gannon Racki
Woody Woodchuck Manager - Seth Howard
FBI Agent - Marcus Hutchings
FBI Agent - David Sparrow
Piano Accompanist - Evelyn Kaye
Car Salesman - John MacDonald
Male Customer - Billy Oliver
Wrestler - Curtis Parker
Wrestler - Matt Purdy
Swiss Banker - Jean Pearson
Scott - Kyle Schmid
Construction Worker - Robert Thomas
Navy SEAL #3 - Michael Quintero
Navy SEAL #4 - Cameron Hickox
Boat Captain - Cassius M. Willis
Serbian - Jeff Podgurski
Serbian Gunner - Hank Amos
Stagehand - Charles Haugk
Serbian Pilot - Scott Reiff
Stage Manager - Darryl Dinn
Ski Ball Player - Christopher Giroux
Oda Mae Brown - Whoopi Goldberg
Serbian Rebel - Khristian Lupo
Child on Seesaw - Liam McGuckian
Police Officer - Marc Scott
Driving Instructor - Adam Shankman
Sam Wheat - Patrick Swayze