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The Perfect Man quotes

The Perfect Man poster
The movie was based on Heather Robinson's life as a teenager in Tucson, AZ.GoofsWhen Amy takes the picture of her Uncle Ben to make him say "Cheese" he has his head straight up and his teeth showing. But when Jean looks at the picture later he has his head tilted and his mouth closed.QuotesJean Hamilton: Unfortunately, honey pie, new people are only new for a day. After that, they're just people. Who'll excite you, disappoint you, scare you a little bit. And boy do I know how tempting it is to run away when that happens. It's good for avoiding things. But the problem is that you end up avoiding yourself. Avoiding people you love. You end up avoiding life. So I've decided to start setting an example for you girls. I'm going to try showing you what sticking it out looks like. Really get to know people. And let people get to know us. I don't promise to be any good at it, but I will try. Because I want you and Zoe to be better at this than I am. I want you to learn how to let people in.ConnectionsFeatured in Late Night with Conan O'Brien: Episode #12.144 (2005)Soundtracks

Director: Mark Rosman
Writer: Michael McQuown, Heather Robinson, Katie Torpey
Production: Universal Pictures
Year: 2005
MetaScore: 27/100
ImdbRating: 5.5
BoxOffice: $16,535,005
Released: 17 Jun 2005
Awards: 2 wins & 3 nominations

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Holly Hamilton - Hilary Duff
Jean Hamilton - Heather Locklear
Ben Cooper - Chris Noth
Lenny Horton - Mike O'Malley
Adam Forrest - Ben Feldman
Amy Pearl - Vanessa Lengies
Gloria - Caroline Rhea
Dolores - Kym Whitley
Zoe Hamilton - Aria Wallace
Wichita Girl - Maggie Castle
Market Co-Worker - Gerry Mendicino
Jean's Suitor - James McGowan
English Teacher - Philip Akin
Dr. Fitch - Jeff Lumby
Principal Campbell - Monique Mojica
Construction Worker - Marvin Kaye
Construction Worker - Eldridge Hyndman
Construction Worker - Sean H.A. Gallagher
Construction Worker - Jung-Yul Kim
Tribute Band - Dennis DeYoung
Tribute Band - John Blasucci
Tribute Band - Matthew DeYoung
Tribute Band - Thomas Dziallo
Tribute Band - Allison Horton
Orchid Thief - Ed Fielding
PTA Man - Eugene Oleksiuk
Landlady - Hazel Gorin
Cake Contest MC - Martin Doyle
Saleslady - Laura Robinson
Student in Library - Sharise Mortfield
Spelling Bee Moderator - Evelyn Kaye
Groom - Len Wagner
Highway Patrolman - Jerry Azzopardi
Dog Walker - Sue Parker
Wedding Usher - Curtis Fletcher
Kid 1 - Marc Minardi
Marjorie - Ashley Newbrough
Bar Patron - Rick Cordeiro
Student in Classroom - Randy William Currie
Bridal Shower Friend - Tammy Fitzgerald
Jean's co-worker - Anthony Furey
Wedding Guest - Michael Sercerchi
Bakery Shopper - Ashley Townsend
PTA Man - Greg White