I never sent this

Did you ever see a movie called "The Old Dark House?" No, what happened? Everybody died.

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[Brett and Danny drive up to a darkened country house]

Danny Wilde:
Did you ever see a movie called "The Old Dark House?"
Lord Brett Sinclair:
No, what happened?
Danny Wilde:
Everybody died.


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:03.004
I never sent this
00:00:20.092 --> 00:00:24.199
Did you ever see a movie called the old dark house
00:00:24.002 --> 00:00:26.239
No I haven't
00:00:26.024 --> 00:00:28.279
Everybody died

Season: 1
Episode: 24
Clip duration: 29 seconds
Views: 1
Timestamp in movie: 00h 40m 29s
Uploaded: 18 March, 2023
Genres: action, adventure, comedy
Summary: Two worlds collide when titled Englishman Lord Brett Sinclair and Bronx-raised, self-made American Danny Wilde reluctantly join forces to right wrongs and protect the innocent.


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Danny Wilde - Tony Curtis
Lord Brett Sinclair - Roger Moore