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What can I say to you

Oh Tracy darling... Mike... What can I say to you? Tell me darling. Not anything - don't...

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Macaulay Connor:
Oh Tracy darling...
Tracy Lord:
Macaulay Connor:
What can I say to you? Tell me darling.
Tracy Lord:
Not anything - don't say anything. And especially not "darling."


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:02.071
Mike Oh Tracy darling
00:00:02.793 --> 00:00:04.837
Mike What can I say to you Tell me darling
00:00:04.092 --> 00:00:07.084
Not anything Don't say anything and especially not darling

Clip duration: 9 seconds
Views: 253
Timestamp in movie: 01h 33m 29s
Uploaded: 26 November, 2022
Genres: comedy, romance
Summary: When a rich woman's ex-husband and a tabloid-type reporter turn up just before her planned remarriage, she begins to learn the truth about herself.


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Macaulay Connor - James Stewart
Tracy Lord - Katharine Hepburn