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The Prince and the Pauper quotes

The Prince and the Pauper poster
A poor boy named Tom Canty and the Prince of Wales exchange identities but events force the pair to experience each other's lives as well.

Director: William Keighley, William Dieterle
Writer: Mark Twain, Laird Doyle, Catherine Chisholm Cushing
Production: Warner Brothers/Seven Arts
Year: 1937
MetaScore: N/A/100
ImdbRating: 7.2
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 08 May 1937
Awards: 1 nomination

6 Clips & Quotes


Miles Hendon - Errol Flynn
Earl of Hertford - Claude Rains
Duke of Norfolk - Henry Stephenson
John Canty - Barton MacLane
Tom Canty - Billy Mauch
Prince Edward - Robert J. Mauch
Captain of the Guard - Alan Hale
First Lord - Eric Portman
Second Lord - Lionel Pape
Third Lord - Leonard Willey
Archbishop - Halliwell Hobbes
Barmaid - Phyllis Barry
Clemens - Ivan F. Simpson
Henry VIII - Montagu Love
Father Andrew - Fritz Leiber
Grandmother Canty - Elspeth Dudgeon
Mrs. Canty - Mary Field
Meaty Man - Forrester Harvey
Lady Jane Seymour - Joan Valerie
St. John - Lester Matthews
First Guard - Robert Adair
Second Guard - Harry Cording
Lord Warwick - Robert Warwick
Rich Man - Rex Evans
First Doctor - Holmes Herbert
Second Doctor - Ian Maclaren
Lady Jane Grey - Anne Howard
Lady Elizabeth - Gwendolyn Jones
Ruffler - Lionel Braham
The Watch - Harry Beresford
Innkeeper - Lionel Belmore
Proprietor - Ian Wolfe
Tramp - Jimmy Aubrey
Man at Inn - Frank Baker
Cockney - Daisy Belmore
Man at Inn - Wilson Benge
Beggar - Frank Benson
Tinker - Ted Billings
Man in Window - Sidney Bracey
Man at Inn - Peter Bronte
Man at Inn - George Broughton
Cockney - George Bunny
Watchman - Charles Coleman
Presbyter - Edward Cooper
Lady at Court - Carrie Daumery
Horseman - Larry Dods
Urchin - Harry Duff
Urchin - Fred Ellis
Urchin - Peter Ellis
Man at Inn - Leslie Francis
Beggar - John George
Archbishop - Hubert F. Greenwood
Beggar - Frank Hagney
Watchman #1 - Leyland Hodgson
Man - John Hyde
Urchin #1 - Noel Kennedy
Watchman #2 - Colin Kenny
Proprietor of Inn - George Kirby
Urchin #2 - Billy Maguire
Lady in Waiting - Ottola Nesmith
Lady in Waiting - Mrs. Wilfrid North
Woman in Window - Elsie Prescott
Sexton Ringing Bell - Tom Ricketts
Urchin #3 - Clifford Severn
Innkeeper - Yorke Sherwood
Cockney - Charlie Simpson
Cockney - Eric Snowden
Petty Officer - John Graham Spacey
Man in Crowd - Will Stanton
Man at Inn - Spencer Teakle
Lady in Waiting - Lotus Thompson
Man at Inn - Cyril Thornton
Jester - Leo White
One-Eyed Beggar - Tom Wilson