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The Prom quotes

The Prom poster
A troupe of hilariously self-obsessed theater stars swarm into a small conservative Indiana town in support of a high school girl who wants to take her girlfriend to the prom.

Director: Ryan Murphy
Writer: Bob Martin (screenplay by), Chad Beguelin (screenplay by), Chad Beguelin (musical book), Bob Martin (musical book), Matthew Sklar (musical book), Jack Viertel (based on an original concept by)
Production: N/A
Year: 2020
MetaScore: 55/100
ImdbRating: 6.0
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 11 Dec 2020
Awards: 2 wins & 4 nominations.

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Dee Dee Allen - Meryl Streep
Barry Glickman - James Corden
Angie Dickinson - Nicole Kidman
Mrs. Greene - Kerry Washington
Principal Tom Hawkins - Keegan-Michael Key
Trent Oliver - Andrew Rannells
Alyssa Greene - Ariana DeBose
Emma Nolan - Jo Ellen Pellman
Grandma Bea - Mary Kay Place
Kaylee - Logan Riley
Shelby - Sofia Deler
Frank DiLella - Frank DiLella
Motel Clerk - Chet Dixon
Young Barry - Sam Pillow
Young Barry Crush - Spencer Tomich
Internet Student - Portia Bartley
Internet Student - Carmyne Rey
Internet Student - Mia Danelle
Internet Student - Cora Lu Tran
Internet Student - Phi Kenzie
Internet Student - Lando Coffy
Indiana Reporter - Caroline Rich
Indiana Reporter - Beth Johnson Nicely
Indiana Reporter - Patrick Wetzel
Parent #1 - Pam Cook
Math Teacher - Michele Levar
Female Student - Kayley Stallings
Red Carpet Reporter - Briana Price
Red Carpet Reporter - Carly J. Casey
Red Carpet Reporter - John Wusah
Red Carpet Reporter - Jill K. Allen
Red Carpet Reporter - Ryan Kendrick
Red Carpet Reporter - Richard Tanner
Red Carpet Reporter - Annie Ruby
First Student (at Mall) - Brenna Daly
Second Student (at Mall) - Megan Truong
Fifth Student (at Mall) - Riley Rydin
Prom Photographer - Colin McCalla
PTA Parent - Sebastian Vale
PTA Parent - Cary Lowe
PTA Parent - Lisa Cohen
PTA Parent - Jack Daniel Stanley
PTA Parent - Becky Stockton
PTA Parent - Brooklin Thacher
New York Party Guest - Linda Griffin
New York Party Guest - Juliet Fischer
New York Party Guest - Alan Salazar
New York Party Guest - Cortney Alexander
New York Party Guest - Whitney Nicole
New York Party Guest - Cindera Che
New York Party Guest - Doug Penikas
New York Party Guest - Dawn Noel
New York Party Guest - Joe Abraham
New York Party Guest - Jamie Torcellini
New York Party Guest - Lonnie Henderson
New York Party Guest - Mark Reis
New York Party Guest - Shauna Davis
New York Party Guest - Mic Thompson
New York Party Guest - Devinn Harris
New York Party Guest - Kc Monnie
New York Party Guest - Carlena Britch
New York Party Guest - Cecilie A. Stuart
New York Party Guest - Corey Wright
New York Party Guest - Bubba Dean Rambo
New York Party Guest - Chelsea Corp
New York Party Guest - Eliotte Nicole
New York Party Guest - Jillana Laufer
New York Party Guest - Tino Smith
Waiter - Rees James
Waiter - Patrick Ellis
Godspell Cast - Alex Jackson
Godspell Cast - Ashley L Douglas
Godspell Cast - Bailey Day Sonner
Godspell Cast - Brittany Freeth
Godspell Cast - Charissa Kroeger
Godspell Cast - Chris Liu
Godspell Cast - Vasthy Mompoint
Godspell Cast - Matthew Rogers
Godspell Cast - Yusuf Nasir
Love Thy Neighbor - Adam Lower
Love Thy Neighbor - Jason Hancock
Love Thy Neighbor - Joshua Bergner
Love Thy Neighbor - Leanne Langston
Love Thy Neighbor - Caitlyn Domalaon
Student Dancer - Anna Berg
Student Dancer - Kelly Sweeney
Student Dancer - Donyea Martin
Student Dancer - Dougal Herr
Student Dancer - Erica Lynn
Student Dancer - Jade Patteri
Student Dancer - Jason Martin
Student Dancer - Tasha Casberg
Student Dancer - Kerrice Brooks
Student Dancer - Kiara T. Romero
Student Dancer - Luis Tomas Martinez
Student Dancer - Marcus Bailey
Student Dancer - Matthew Elliott
Student Dancer - Mariah Iman Wilson
Student Dancer - Matthew Moseley
Student Dancer - Morgan Dudley
Student Dancer - Pierce Allison
Student Dancer - Monroe Cline
Student Dancer - Julia Marley
Student Dancer - Katie Morton
Student Dancer - Thomas Reasoner
Student Dancer - Nicole Rush
Student Dancer - Ramone Garcia
Student Dancer - Sierra Puett
Student Dancer - Simba Woods
Student Dancer - Sydney Cope
Student Dancer - Chase Bowden
Student Dancer - T.C. Carter
Student Dancer - Jose Velazquez
Student Dancer - Chad Vaught
Lady's Improving Dancer - Dominique Kelley
Lady's Improving Dancer - Nicholas Pauley
Lady's Improving Dancer - Owen O. Scarlett
Lady's Improving Dancer - Derrick Boyce
Lady's Improving Dancer - Jack Sippel
Lady's Improving Dancer - John Michael Fowler
Internet Student - Ry Chase
Internet Student - Brendan Jordan
Internet Student - Taylor Plecity
Internet Student - Bj Wolf
Internet Student - Noah Der
Internet Student - Miracle Washington
Inclusive Prom Dancer - Amanda LaCount
Inclusive Prom Dancer - Andrew Perez
Inclusive Prom Dancer - Anthony Arellano
Inclusive Prom Dancer - Ashley Porter
Inclusive Prom Dancer - Carlos Sanchez
Inclusive Prom Dancer - Dominic Eustes
Inclusive Prom Dancer - Frank Soares
Inclusive Prom Dancer - Evan DeBenedetto
Inclusive Prom Dancer - Halima Dodo
Inclusive Prom Dancer - Jade Falkenberg
Inclusive Prom Dancer - Jasmine Rafael
Inclusive Prom Dancer - Jeka Jane
Inclusive Prom Dancer - Jenna Ashley
Inclusive Prom Dancer - Kendra Johnson
Inclusive Prom Dancer - Mark Cruz
Inclusive Prom Dancer - Nikki Keeshin
Inclusive Prom Dancer - Ray Gordon II
Inclusive Prom Dancer - Stephanie Dai
Inclusive Prom Dancer - Sydney Lewis
Inclusive Prom Dancer - Troy Carpenter
Michael O'Neal - Dermot Mulroney
Julianne Potter - Julia Roberts
High School Prom Dancer - Reilly Baker
Student - Lindsay Ballif
Broadway Producer - James Bearb
Student - Janice Blue
High School Prom Atendee - Ana Luiza Bourroul
Show Girl - Lydia Callins
Mall Patron - James Anthony Chiong
Photographer - Carl Collanus
Reporter - Luca De Angelis
ABC Reporter - Gigi Dia
Reporter - Joël Dupont
Press Reporter - David Eby
Theatergoer - Jessie Epstein
Stage Manager - Erin Flannery
Showgirl - Kara Fry
Bus Driver - Steven P. Green
Reporter - Jeni Jones
Mall Staff - Mark Krenik
Prom Guest - Breanne Lawson
Homecoming Court - Trent Longo
Student - Maddie Lucas
Student - Sienna Mohl
Sardi's Patron - Mila Murashko
Self - Naimah
Teacher - Mike A Nidiffer
Student - Ludwika Osorio
Prom Guest - Jennifer Penner
Theatre Guest - Angelique Pretorius
Student - Lynnae Stine
High School Prom Attendee - Sebastian Twohey-Jacobs
Student - Meredith Vivian
Red Carpet Guest - Jessica Vollhardt
Theatre Attendee - Jeffrey Lynn White Jr.
Cameraman - Samas Wu