It's good to see you, Marcellus. It's ah - good to see you - again. Then you do remember...

The Robe1953
It's good to see you
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It's good to see you, Marcellus.
Marcellus Gallio:
It's ah - good to see you - again.
Then you do remember me?
Marcellus Gallio:
Ah - yes, of course. Let me see now, it was the - was the...
And your promise, have you forgotten that too?
Marcellus Gallio:
What promise?
To marry me.
Marcellus Gallio:
Was I drunk?
That's not very flattering, Marcellus.
Marcellus Gallio:
Oh, I - I mean, if you'd tell me when I was supposed to have said this - the circumstances...
Oh, I remember them perfectly. I'd cut my finger, and I cried. And then you took the dagger and cut your own finger to show that it didn't really hurt, and then you kissed me, and I stopped crying - and then you promised to marry me when we grew up.
Marcellus Gallio:
Dianna! Where have your freckles gone?
I lost them.
Marcellus Gallio:
Oh, I loved every one of them.
Then I'm sorry I lost them.


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Pilate's given orders to arrest that fanatic
00:00:03.835 --> 00:00:06.045
Remember The day you arrived
00:00:06.129 --> 00:00:08.505
Yes the Messiah What did he do
00:00:08.589 --> 00:00:11.216
He's been preaching stirring up a commotion
00:00:11.003 --> 00:00:13.718
Why don't you arrest him It's not easy
00:00:13.801 --> 00:00:17.763
Pilate wants it done quietly The man's got half the people on his side
00:00:17.847 --> 00:00:19.973
We've got to find out where he is at night
00:00:20.001 --> 00:00:24.227
And that is like finding one particular ant in an ant hill
00:00:27.396 --> 00:00:30.523
Vinegar like the rest of it I hope you drown
00:00:31.316 --> 00:00:34.998
I don't care how you handle it Centurion

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Uploaded: 09 November, 2022
Genres: drama, history
Summary: In the Roman province of Judea during the 1st century, Roman tribune Marcellus Gallio is ordered to crucify Jesus of Nazareth but is tormented by his guilty conscience afterwards.


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Diana - Jean Simmons
Marcellus Gallio - Richard Burton