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When he was growing up
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The spell was broken. My uncle learned to laugh, and I learned to cry. The secret garden...

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[voiceover; last lines]

The spell was broken. My uncle learned to laugh, and I learned to cry. The secret garden is *always* open now. Open, and awake, and alive. If you look the right way, you can see that the *whole* world is a garden.


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:02.048
When he was growing up
00:00:02.056 --> 00:00:06.004
he had to be kept a secret so no one would see him
00:00:06.032 --> 00:00:07.052
00:00:09.044 --> 00:00:11.092
Why Because his uncle wanted to kill him
00:00:13.012 --> 00:00:16.016
His uncle dreamed the young god would take over heaven
00:00:16.072 --> 00:00:19.028
Where did he hide He lived with some cows
00:00:22.088 --> 00:00:24.096
Was he different from other people
00:00:25.998 --> 00:00:26.008
Only on the inside
00:00:26.096 --> 00:00:29.092
When you looked down his throat you could see the universe
00:00:30.000 --> 00:00:32.084
The universe couldn't fit down anybody's throat
00:00:33.999 --> 00:00:34.064
Down his it could

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Timestamp in movie: 00:51:33
Uploaded: 03 April, 2022
Genres: drama, family, fantasy
Summary: A young, recently-orphaned girl is sent to England after living in India all of her life. Once there, she begins to explore her new, seemingly-isolated surroundings, and its secrets.