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What was the matter
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What was the matter? What happened? The lady was there a long time, and she spoke to me....

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Antoine Nicolau: What was the matter? What happened? Bernadette: The lady was there a long time, and she spoke to me. Antoine Nicolau: She spoke to you? What did she say? Bernadette: She said 'Will you render me the grace of coming here each day for fifteen days?' And then she added 'I cannot promise to make you happy in this world, only in the next.'


00:00:03.000 --> 00:00:05.138
- What's the matter? - What's the matter?
00:00:05.239 --> 00:00:08.883
- That's what we're asking you! - I thought your asthma had killed you!
00:00:15.319 --> 00:00:19.574
Don'tjust stand there. Come on.! You know we've got to get home before dark.
00:00:21.559 --> 00:00:23.001
I'm coming.
00:00:23.159 --> 00:00:25.974
We're not gonna wade through that cold water again.
00:00:26.002 --> 00:00:27.893
You go down that side of the river...
00:00:27.991 --> 00:00:30.096
and we'll meet you at the bridge.
00:00:33.655 --> 00:00:37.999
What cheats you two are. This water is as warm as dishwater.
00:00:39.415 --> 00:00:41.237
- Bernadette! - You've got bats in your belfry!
00:00:41.335 --> 00:00:43.953
- That water's freezing! - Well, it isn't now.
00:00:44.002 --> 00:00:46.421
Look, my toes are not even white.
00:00:48.471 --> 00:00:52.998
What were you doing over there, kneeling in the rocks?
00:00:53.334 --> 00:00:55.919
- Didn't you see anyone? - Who?
00:00:56.998 --> 00:00:59.095
Was somebody with you in that cave?
00:01:01.059 --> 00:01:04.437
Ohh. Somebody was.

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Uploaded: 07 October, 2021
Genres: biography, drama
Summary: 14-year-old Bernadette Soubirous, living in a small town in the south of 1850s France, claims to have seen a divine vision, prompting extreme skepticism, concern from her family, and religious and political turmoil.


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