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Star major league pitcher Monty Stratton loses a leg in a hunting accident, but becomes determined to leave the game on his own terms.

Director: Sam Wood
Writer: Douglas Morrow, Guy Trosper, George Wells
Production: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Year: 1949
MetaScore: N/A/100
ImdbRating: 7.1
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 01 Jun 1949
Awards: Won 1 Oscar. 5 wins total

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Monty Stratton - James Stewart
Ethel - June Allyson
Barney Wile - Frank Morgan
Ma Stratton - Agnes Moorehead
Eddie Dibson - Bill Williams
Ted Lyons - Bruce Cowling
Josh Higgins - Cliff Clark
Luke Appling - Dean White
Earnie - Robert Gist
Gene Bearden - Gene Bearden
Bill Dickey - Bill Dickey
Jimmy Dykes - Jimmy Dykes
Mervyn Shea - Mervyn Shea
Detroit Ball Player - Dwight Adams
Western All Stars Coach - William Allington
Person in Theatre - Jessie Arnold
Person in Theatre - Polly Bailey
Person in Theatre - William Bailey
Stratton Baby - Jerry Bassett
Stratton Baby - Tom Bassett
Person in Theatre - Vangie Beilby
Yankee Pitcher - Walter Berger
Western All Stars Player - Bud Beringhele
Western All Stars Player - John Bero
Western All Stars Player - Edward Bockman
Bartender - Chet Brandenburg
Southern All Stars Player - Jack Brewer
Restaurant Customer - Ralph Brooks
Ball Player - John Burger
Chicago White Sox Player - Clint Cameron
Waiter - Spencer Chan
Chicago White Sox Player - Merle Combs
Restaurant Patron - James Conaty
Baseball Fan - Heinie Conklin
Baseball Fan - Gene Coogan
Restaurant Chef - Gino Corrado
Reporter - Peter Crouse
Chicago White Sox Player - Todd Davis
Joe DiMaggio - Joe DiMaggio
Southern All Stars Player - Jess Dobernic
Umpire - Mike Donovan
Spectator - Jim Drum
Western Manager - Pat Flaherty
Waiter - Lee Tong Foo
Western All Stars Coach - Gordon Ford
Southern All Stars Player - William Garbe
Southern All Stars Player - Cecil Garriott
Yankee Ball Player - James Gladd
All Stars Umpire - Ira Gordon
Monty's Son as a Baby - Robert Graham
Waiter - Robert Haines
Ball Player with Bill Dickey - William Hall
Southern All Stars Player - Don Heffner
News Vendor - Clarence Hennecke
Ball Player with Bill Dickey - John Hiestand
St. Louis Coach - Golden Holt
Southern All Stars Player - Wally Hood
Detroit Ball Player - Wesley Hopper
Southern All Stars Player - Roy Hughes
Detroit Ball Player - Karl Johnson
Western All Stars Player - Morey J. Kaplan
Chicago White Sox Player - Frank Kelleher
Yankee Coach - John Kerr
Southern All Stars Player - Maurice Kraft
Southern All Stars Coach - Ralph Kress
Mrs. Appling - Florence Lake
Conductor - Mitchell Lewis
Southern All Stars Player - William Lillie
Western All Stars Player - Johnny Lindell
Southern All Stars Player - Jack Lohrke
Yankee Ball Player - Harry Lowrey
Western All Stars Player - Al Lyons
Southern All Stars Player - Clarence Maddern
Headwaiter - Alphonse Martell
Southern All Stars Player - Gene Mauch
Western All Stars Player - Mickey McCardle
Slot Machine Player - Matt McHugh
Person in Theatre - George Melford
Western All Stars Player - Steve Mesner
Chicago White Sox Player - George Metkovich
All-Star Catcher - Fred Millican
Chicago White Sox Player - Cyril Moran
Baseball Fan - Sol Murgi
All Stars Umpire - Al Mutart
Mrs. Piet - Anne Nagel
Reporter - James Nolan
Detroit Ball Player - Louie Novikoff
Baseball Fan - Frank O'Connor
Umpire - Pat Orr
Person in Theatre - George Ovey
Cab Driver - Garry Owen
Western Pitcher - Roy Partee
Yankee Ball Player - Leonard Perme
Monty's Son as a Toddler - Eugene Persson
Western All Stars Player - Al Porto
Umpire - Jack Powell
Yankee Ball Player - Jerry Priddy
Western All Stars Player - Kenneth Richardson
Vendor - Al Rosen
Chicago White Sox Player - Don Ross
Pitcher - Michael Ross
Umpire - Joe Rue
Chicago White Sox Player - Glen Russell
Man Playing Slot Machine - Tim Ryan
Yankee Ball Player - Hank Sauer
Detroit Ball Player - Carl Saxe
Person in Theatre - Syd Saylor
Umpire - Ziggy Sears
Restaurant Customer - Bernard Sell
Person in Theatre - Mabel Smaney
Usher in Movie Theater - Charles Smith
Giants Manager - Cap Somers
Western All Stars Player - Al Spaeter
Southern All Stars Player - Tuck Stainback
Southern All Stars Player - Bryan Stephens
Movie House Patron - Bert Stevens
Chicago White Sox Player - Charles Stevens
Person in Theatre - Cy Stevens
Western All Stars Player - Edward Steward
Southern All Stars Player - Alfred Stringer
Chicago White Sox Player - Lou Stringer
Yankee Ball Player - Robert H. Sturgeon
Spectator - Charles Sullivan
Man on Radio Baking Pie - Clinton Sundberg
Western All Stars Player - Don Tierney
Detroit Player - Kenneth Tobey
Chicago White Sox Player - Al Treichel
Detroit Ball Player - George Vico
Western All Stars Player - Larry Ward
Yankee Coach - John Warner
Chicago White Sox Player - Max West
Mrs. Shea - Barbara Wooddell
Chicago White Sox Player - George Woods
Detroit Ball Player - Jack Worth
Yankee Ball Player - Al Zarilla
Chicago White Sox Player - Gus Zernial