You ought to get yourself a girl

You know, you ought to get yourself a girl.

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Anna Schmidt:
You know, you ought to get yourself a girl.


You know, you ought to find yourself a girl. His English is so very bad, we'll let him talk German. If you'll just be good enough to... Look. - That's Harry's place, isn't it? - Yes.

Clip duration: 14 seconds
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Timestamp in movie: 00h 00m 00s
Uploaded: 13 December, 2020
Genres: thriller, mystery
Summary: In postwar Vienna, Austria, Holly Martins, a writer of pulp Westerns, arrives penniless as a guest of his childhood chum Harry Lime, only to learn he has died. Martins develops a conspiracy theory after learning of a "third man" present at the time of Harry's death, running into interference from British officer Major Calloway, and falling head-over-heels for Harry's grief-stricken lover, Anna.


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Anna Schmidt - Alida Valli