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A very rich and successful playboy amuses himself by stealing artwork, but may have met his match in a seductive detective.

Director: John McTiernan
Writer: Alan Trustman (story), Leslie Dixon (screenplay), Kurt Wimmer (screenplay)
Production: MGM/UA
Year: 1999
MetaScore: 72/100
ImdbRating: 6.8
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 06 Aug 1999
Awards: 3 wins & 2 nominations.

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Thomas Crown - Pierce Brosnan
Catherine Banning - Rene Russo
Michael McCann - Denis Leary
Andrew Wallace - Ben Gazzara
Detective Paretti - Frankie Faison
John Reynolds - Fritz Weaver
Friedrich Golchan - Charles Keating
Heinrich Knutzhorn - Mark Margolis
The Psychiatrist - Faye Dunaway
Bobby McKinley - Michael Lombard
Proctor - Bill Ambrozy
Proctor (as Michael S. Bahr) - Michael Bahr
Proctor (as Robert Novak) - Robert D. Novak
Proctor (as Joe Lamb) - Joe H. Lamb
Paul Cheng - James Saito
Anna Knudsen - Esther Cañadas
Senior Detective - John P. McCann
Freight Truck Driver - Gino Lucci
Senior Museum Guard - George Christy
Forklift Operator - Mike Danner
J.J. the Security Guard - James J. Archer
New York City Cop - John Elsen
Crown Acquisitions Security Officer - Robert Spillane
Daria, Crown's Secretary - Cynthia Darlow
Crown Acquistions Employee - Sherry Koftan
Crown Acquisitions Employee - Jane DeNoble
Crown Acquisitions Employee - Gene Bozzi
Crown Acquisitions Employee - Ryan Hecht
Crown Acquisitions Employee - Paul Simon
Businessman - Tom Tammi
Bulldog - Mark Zeisler
Bulldog - Mark Zimmerman
Crown Acquisitions Executive (as Dan Southern) - Daniel Southern
Crown Acquisitions Executive - James Yaegashi
Old Man - Ira Wheeler
Company Lawyer (as John A. MacKay) - John McKay
Teacher - Melissa Maxwell
Schoolgirl - Colleen Hamm
Museum Security Technician - Timothy Wheeler
Museum Security Guard - John Thrall Bush
Museum Security Guard - Dominic Marcus
Museum Security Guard (as Robert Stephenson) - Robert Lewis Stephenson
Museum Security Guard - David Toney
Museum Security Guard - Phillip Douglas
Junior Proctor - Jeffrey Dreisbach
Smoking Kid - R.J. Remo
Smoking Kid - Caleb Archer
Museum Director Jim Lenox - Dennis Creaghan
National Art Club Guest - Randy Phillips
National Art Club Guest - Gloria Barnes
National Art Club Guest - Mimi Weddell
National Art Club Guest - Pat Friedlander
National Art Club Guest - Gary L. Catus
Tommy, Crown's Caddy - Jeremy Nagel
Museum Operating Technician - John C. Havens
Woman Spectator - Annie Rose Murray
Gentleman Yachtsman - Bill Tatum
Detective in Restaurant - Teddy Coluca
Detective in Restaurant - Michael Charles
Cipriani Waiter - Orlando Carafa
Male Associate - Ben Epps
Cleaning Man - Kim D. Cannon
Dr. Cornelius - Richard Russell Ramos
Forensics Expert George French - John Seidman
Second Jeweler - Yusef Bulos
Museum Detective - Ray Virta
Museum Special Police - Thomas Michael Sullivan
Museum Detective - J. Paul Boehmer
Watching Cop - Tony Cucci
Another Cop - Paul Geoffrey
Uniform Cop - R.E. Rodgers
Crown Imposter (as Thomas Richard Bloom) - Tom Bloom
Ticket Agent - Kim Craven
Stewardess - Marion McCorry
Ramp Manager - Sean Haberle
Wealthy Woman - Mikel Sarah Lambert
Featured Dancer - Angelo Fraboni
Featured Dancer - Melanie LaPatin
Featured Dancer (as Jodi Melnick) - Jodi Ellen Melnick
Featured Dancer - Tony Meredith
Featured Dancer - Michael Terrace
Bit Part - Courtney Bennett
Museum Patron - Diana Berry
Taxi Driver - Steve Bilich
Detective - Charles Gemmill
The Accountant - Simon Jones
Ballroom Dancer - Vivian Kalinov
Passer-By - Rich Keen
Officer Klein - Timothy Klein
Bowler Hat Decoy - Stan Klimecko
Uniform Cop - Steven E. Lawler
Precinct Detective - Andy Redmond
Model #2 - Victoria Rong
Dancer (Black & White Ball) - Eliot Sash
Detective - Norman Steiner
Museum Attendee - Alberto Suarez