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In 1974, high-wire artist Philippe Petit recruits a team of people to help him realize his dream: to walk the immense void between the World Trade Center towers.

Year: 2015
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Philippe Petit - Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Outdoor Café Man - Guillaume Baillargeon
Outdoor Café Woman (as Emilie Leclerc) - Émilie Leclerc
American Tourist - Mark Trafford
Woman in Chalk Circle - Inka Malovic
Boy in Chalk Circle - Lucas Ramacière
Gendarme - Martin Lefebvre
Young Girl with Candy - Laurence Deschênes
Dental Office Receptionist - Patricia Tulasne
Dental Patient - Jean-Robert Bourdage
Dental Patient - Sylvie Lemay
Dental Patient - Sasha Dominique
Boy Petit - Soleyman Pierini
Circus High Wire Performer - Jade Kindar-Martin
Petit's Father - Patrick Baby
Papa Rudy - Ben Kingsley
Petit's Mother - Marie Turgeon
Texan Tourist Woman (as Catherine Lemieux) - Cat Lemieux
Texas Tourist Man - Larry Day
Jean-Louis - Clément Sibony
Fisherman - Denis Michaud
Fisherman - Serge Boulianne
Fisherman - Charles Gaudreau
Fisherman - Maxime Paradis
Fisherman - Serge Lepage
Fisherman - Alain Boileau
Portly Photographer (as Vlado Stokanic) - Vlad Stokanic
Notre Dame Police Officer - Philippe Soucy
Notre Dame Police Officer - Philippe Hartmann
WTC Construction Worker (as Guido Grasso) - Guido Grasso Jr.
US Customs Agent - Joel Rinzler
Guy Tozzoli - Mark Camacho
WTC Architect - Harvey Diamond
Port Authority Officer - Sylvain Landry
WTC Lobby Guard - Robert D'Alessio
WTC Visitor's Concierge - Rosa Ruby Kagan
Barry Greenhouse - Steve Valentine
Jean-Pierre - James Badge Dale
Albert - Ben Schwartz
Officer Foley - Mizinga Mwinga
Dock Foreman - Harry Standjofski
Elevator Operator - Stuart Fink
WTC Rooftop Guard - Doug Price
Mysterious Visitor - Yanik Ethier
Sgt. O'Donnell - Vittorio Rossi
Officer Genco - Sergio Di Zio
Officer Clemenza - Daniel Harroch
Officer Tessio - Jason Deline
Officer Washington (as Darrell Izeard) - Darrell Lee-Izeard
Officer Hagan - Kent McQuaid
Man in Plaid Sports Coat - Kwasi Songui
Bearded Man - Adam Bernett
Earbud Guy - Karl Graboshas
Officer Daley - Jason Blicker
Officer Sollozzo - Massimo Cannistraro
Engineer Cop - Karl Werleman
Construction Worker with Blow Torch - Chris Cavener
Officer Cicci - Leif Anderson
News Reporter - Trevor Botkin
News Reporter - Rebecca Croll
News Reporter - Gara Nlandu
News Reporter - Stephen Walters
WTC Tozzoli partner - Michel Gregory Dagenais
Man in Elevator - Adam Alberts
Circus Hula Hoop Artist - Julie Anctil
WTC Construction Worker - Steve Barry
Parisian Flower Child - Melantha Blackthorne
Self - News Anchor (archive footage) - John Chancellor
Traveller - Jay Chevery
Construction Worker - Francesco Giannini
Policeman - Julien Heron
Foreman - Serge Martineau
Street show spectator - Galia Oliel-Sabbag
Secretary - Nathaly Thibault