Did you hurt yourself? Oh, it's just a little cut. I thought... I thought I saw something...

The Watcher in the Woods1980
Did you hurt yourself
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Mrs. Aylwood:
Did you hurt yourself?
Jan Curtis:
Oh, it's just a little cut. I thought... I thought I saw something out there in the woods.
Mrs. Aylwood:
What sort of person are you?
Jan Curtis:
That's hard to say. Just average, I guess.
Mrs. Aylwood:
Are you adventurous? And kind? Are you kind?
Jan Curtis:
I... try to be.
Mrs. Aylwood:
And sensitive? Do you sense things?


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:03.801
Did you hurt yourself
00:00:07.774 --> 00:00:10.975
Oh it's just a little cut
00:00:11.077 --> 00:00:15.999
I thought I saw something
00:00:15.148 --> 00:00:17.882
out there in the woods
00:00:19.152 --> 00:00:21.919
What sort of person are you
00:00:22.001 --> 00:00:26.023
It's hard to say Just average I guess
00:00:26.126 --> 00:00:28.593
Are you adventurous
00:00:28.695 --> 00:00:30.528
and kind
00:00:30.063 --> 00:00:33.364
Are you kind
00:00:33.466 --> 00:00:36.134
I try to be
00:00:36.236 --> 00:00:38.302
And sensitive
00:00:39.472 --> 00:00:41.539
Do you sense things

Clip duration: 44 seconds
Views: 13
Timestamp in movie: 00h 07m 12s
Uploaded: 26 November, 2022
Genres: family, horror, mystery
Summary: When a family moves to a country home, the young girls experience strange happenings that have a link to an occult event years past.


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Mrs. Aylwood - Bette Davis
Jan Curtis - Lynn-Holly Johnson