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The Weather Man quotes

The Weather Man poster
The food that hits Nicolas Cage throughout this movie was thrown by director Gore Verbinski.GoofsWhen David enters the bathroom and rinses his face we see in the mirror that his watch is undone and hanging around his wrist. In the next shot, from a different angle, his watch is done up.QuotesDave Spritz: We both just think it's better for the kids.Robert Spritzel: David, sacrifice is... to get anything of value, you have to sacrifice.Dave Spritz: I know that dad, but I think that if we continue down this road, it's gonna be too detrimental for the kids. It's just too hard.Robert Spritzel: Do you know that the harder thing to do and the right thing to do are usually the same thing? Nothing that has meaning is easy. "Easy" doesn't enter into grown-up life.ConnectionsFeatured in Atmospheric Pressure: The Style and Palette (2006)Soundtracks

Director: Gore Verbinski
Writer: Steve Conrad
Production: Escape Artists
Genre: comedy, drama
Year: 2005
MetaScore: 61/100
ImdbRating: 6.5
BoxOffice: $12,482,775
Released: 28 Oct 2005
Awards: N/A

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David Spritz - Nicolas Cage
Robert Spritzel - Michael Caine
Noreen - Hope Davis
DMV Guy - Chris Marrs
Andrea - Dina Facklis
Nurse - Sia A. Moody
Nipper Guy - Guy Van Swearingen
Fast Food Employee - Alexander Pine
Fast Food Child - Jackson Bubala
Fast Food Mom - Jennifer Bills
Shelly's Archery Instructor - Peter Grosz
Passenger with Frosty - Nick Kuehneman
Viewer - Bruce Jarchow
Viewer's Wife - Joanne Sylvestrak
Beer Girl - Robyn Moler
Beer Patron - John D. Milinac
Shelly's Companion - Melanie Decelles Castro
Race Organizer - Scott Benjaminson
Trust Counselor - Ora Jones
Takeout Clerk - Mike Bacarella
Register Worker - Jennifer Joan Taylor
Mark Dersen - Chuck Stubbings
Hello America Producer - Shanesia Davis
Hello America Producer - Dan Flannery
Hello America Director - Sandy Whiteley
Passing Pedestrian - Antoine McKay
Pie Thrower - Eduardo N. Martinez
Robert's Friend - David Darlow
Priest - Will Zahrn
NY Pedestrian - Poorna Jagannathan
Bryant Gumbel - Bryant Gumbel
Co-Anchor - Anne Marie Howard
Ed McMahon - Ed McMahon
Cristina Ferrare - Cristina Ferrare
Dave's Archery Instructor - Stephen Hilger
Guy in Park - Ron McClary
Elevator Kid - Eric Ambriz
Elevator Kid - Leah Rose Orleans
Co-Anchor - Juhong Xue
WGN Assistant Director - Tom Skilling
Wolfgang Puck - Wolfgang Puck
Living Funeral Guest - Monica Weaver
Living Funeral Guest - John Francis Mountain
New York Businessman - Peter Nikkos
Ice Skating Competitor - Charla Agers
Extra - Dan Ahn
Child Guest - Joshua Brail
Tim's Son - Ryan Burk
Tim's Wife - Kristen Duerdoth
Michigan Ave Extra - Diane Frances Fisher
Guy in Food Court - David Michael Fordham
Newsroom Executive - Clifford M. Freeney
Bag Man - Todd Goodman
DMV Customer - John R. Haley
Man in Van - Gerard Jamroz
Mr. Bratwurst - Bob Kolbey
Extra - Isaac LaMell
Funeral Guest - Kathryn Lyn
Girl in Food Court - Nikki Taylor Melton
Business Man - Sergio Mojica
Office Worker - Levin O'Connor
Attractive Girl - Nikkole Palmatier
Pedestrian - Robert Phares
Traveling Man - Daniel Riggs
Businessman - Christian Rose
Umbrella Man - Yuri Rutman
Pedestrian - Ryan Salzwedel
Funeral Extra - Megan Schaiper
Guest - Ice Rink Party - Gary Sedlock
Driver - Oral Sledge
Extra - Dwight Sora
Featured Skater - January Stern
Newsroom Executive - Joey Strobel
Newsroom Executive - Richard Strobel
Dog Walker - Amber Sutherland
Attractive Pedestrian - Brigitte Wulf