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The filmmakers tried to use artificial flowers as often as possible because Debra Messing is allergic to real flowers.GoofsOn the night Kat comes back and has her fun with Nick and they proceed to move to the boat in the driveway, they are clearly seen standing and walking around inside. From the outside, the boat is obviously not large enough for that to happen.QuotesNick Mercer: I'd rather fight with you than make love with anyone else.ConnectionsFeatured in A Date with Debra (2005)Soundtracks

Director: Clare Kilner
Writer: Elizabeth Young, Dana Fox
Production: 26 Films, Gold Circle Films
Genre: comedy, romance
Year: 2005
MetaScore: 32/100
ImdbRating: 6.2
BoxOffice: $31,726,995
Released: 04 Feb 2005
Awards: N/A

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Kat Ellis - Debra Messing
Nick Mercer - Dermot Mulroney
Amy - Amy Adams
Edward Fletcher-Wooten - Jack Davenport
Victor Ellis - Peter Egan
Woody - Jolyon James
Bike Messenger - C. Gerod Harris
Teenager - Martin Barrett
Male Flight Attendant - Jay Simon
Smitten Girl - Ivana Horvat
Sonja - Linda Dobell
Aunt Bea - Helen Lindsay
Posh American Woman - Lucy Bermingham
Limo Driver - Alan Wills
Limo Driver - Nick Miers
Rolls Royce Driver - David Nobbs
Taxi Driver - Steve Hall
Taxi Driver - Dave Brown
Taxi Driver - Colin Staplehurst
Taxi Driver - Patrick Guihen
Taxi Driver - Michael McCarthy
Wedding Car Driver - Anthony Blackman
Organist - Ivan Johnson
Stripper - Anna Sands
Stripper - Jens La Barre
Stripper - Brian Lesseat
Stripper - Alice Brickwood
Pretty Woman - Danielle Lewis
Harried Employee - Stephen Lobo
Flirty girl - Lisa-Marie Long
Clipboard Manager - Kerry Shale