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The Countess' (Natasha Richardson) family included her real-life mother Vanessa Redgrave and aunt Lynn Redgrave.GoofsThe story takes place in 1936, but a US 50-star flag is featured at the racetrack. This should have been a 48-star flag.QuotesSofia: If you have any objections, kindly go to hell.Todd Jackson: You tell 'em!ConnectionsFeatured in Siskel & Ebert & the Movies: Fun with Dick and Jane/Cheaper by the Dozen 2/Rumor Has It/Casanova/Wolf Creek/The Ringer/The Countess/Hoodwinked (2005)Soundtracks

Director: James Ivory
Writer: Kazuo Ishiguro
Production: Merchant Ivory Productions, VIP, Mikado Films
Year: 2005
MetaScore: 60/100
ImdbRating: 6.6
BoxOffice: $1,669,971
Released: 31 Mar 2006
Awards: 2 nominations

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Countess Sofia Belinskya - Natasha Richardson
Olga Belinskya - Lynn Redgrave
Grushenka - Madeleine Potter
Prince Peter Belinsky - John Wood
Princess Vera Belinskya - Vanessa Redgrave
Samuel Feinstein - Allan Corduner
Feinstein Child - Timur Engalychev
Feinstein Child - Lucy Sutton
Feinstein Child - Amir Maimon
Feinstein Child - Itay Eltahan
Frenchman - Dan Herzberg
Taxi Dance Hall Manager - Dong Fu Lin
Todd Jackson - Ralph Fiennes
Kao - Da Ying
Walters - Terence Harvey
Company Director - Jeff Harding
Company Director - Paul Birchard
Crane - Lee Pace
Matsuda - Hiroyuki Sanada
Russian Singer - Pierre Seznec
Chinese Foreman - Xiaojun Zong
Pickpocket - Alex Frolov
Pickpocket - Kirill Khmelnitski
Young Sofia - Rachel Partington
Stallholder - Ramin Razaghi Sefati
American Girl - Nicole Utterbeck
General Ji Deng - Ke Qin Yao
General Shen Yinchu - Jin Quan Liu
Christina - Manouk Tideman
Man Reading Paper - Matt Eaton
Jealous Young Man - Maxim Reston
Columbine - Hong Lan Hou
Harlequin - Kyle Rothstein
Punchinello - David Sutton
Pierrot - Tomas Hernell
Cat and Monkey Dancer - Violaine Motte
Cat and Monkey Dancer - Jimbo
Antoine Jacquier - Jean-Pierre Lorit
Hospital Doctor - Len Marchi
Anti-Semite - Geoffrey Lieter
Woman Helping Jackson - Chang Shu
Japanese Officer - Tetsuro Uragami
Trumpet Player - Zheng Hua Shu
English Aristocrat - Nick Barnes
Chinese Soldier - Yue Ting Cheng
Lead Secretary - Hollie Johnson
Feinstein's Neighbor - Richard Trombly