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Christopher Emmanuel Balestrero, "Manny" to his friends, is a string bassist, a devoted husband and father, and a practicing Catholic. His eighty-five dollar a week gig playing in the jazz combo at the Stork Club is barely enough to make ends meet. The Balestreros' lives will become a little more difficult with the major dental bills his wife Rose will be incurring. As such, Manny decides to see if he can borrow off of Rose's life insurance policy. But when he enters the insurance office, he is identified by some of the clerks as the man that held up the office twice a few months earlier. Manny cooperates with the police, as he has nothing to hide. Manny learns that he is a suspect in not only those hold-ups, but a series of other hold-ups in the same Jackson Heights neighborhood in New York City where they live. The more that Manny cooperates, the more guilty he appears to the police. With the help of Frank O'Connor, the attorney that they hire, they try to prove Manny's innocence. ...

Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Writer: Maxwell Anderson (screen play), Angus MacPhail (screen play), Maxwell Anderson (story)
Production: Warner Bros. Pictures
Year: 1956
MetaScore: N/A/100
ImdbRating: 7.4
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 26 Jan 1957
Awards: 1 win & 1 nomination.

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Manny Balestrero - Henry Fonda
Rose Balestrero - Vera Miles
Frank D. O'Connor - Anthony Quayle
Det. Lt. Bowers - Harold J. Stone
Det. Matthews - Charles Cooper
Tomasini - John Heldabrand
Mama Balestrero - Esther Minciotti
Ann James - Doreen Lang
Constance Willis - Laurinda Barrett
Betty Todd - Norma Connolly
Gene Conforti - Nehemiah Persoff
Olga Conforti - Lola D'Annunzio
Robert Balestrero - Kippy Campbell
Gregory Balestrero - Robert Essen
Daniel - the Guilty Man - Richard Robbins
Judge Groat - Dayton Lummis
Miss Dennerly - Peggy Webber
Jail Medical Attendant - Charles Aidman
Suspect - Sammy Armaro
Mrs. Daily - Michael Ann Barrett
Liquor Store Proprietor - John C. Becher
Prisoner at Arraignment Hearing - Henry Beckman
Policeman - Ray Bennett
Court Stenographer - Harry Bergman
Curious Customer - Mary Boylan
Small Role - Claudia Bryar
Interrogation Officer - Paul Bryar
Court Officer - Ed Bryce
Soldier - John Caler
Daniel, the Right Man - José Campayo
Court Clerk - Leonard Capone
Young Man - Paul Carr
Small Role - Dee Carroll
Police Attendant - Gordon B. Clarke
Prisoner's Lawyer - Spencer Davis
Nurse - M'el Dowd
Juror - Josef Draper
Department of Corrections Employee - Richard Durham
Mrs. Mank - Olga Fabian
Young Girl - Bonnie Franklin
Department of Corrections Employee - Chris Gampel
Delicatessen Proprietor - Earl George
Department of Corrections Employee - Will Gregory
Court Officer - Charles J. Guiotta
Small Role - Irene Harbor
Waving Woman - Cherry Hardy
Raymond McKaba - Will Hare
Stork Club Customer - Rhodelle Heller
Prologue Narrator - Alfred Hitchcock
Police Lieutenant from 110th Precinct - William Hudson
Miss Duffield - Anna Karen
Giggly Girl - Barbara Karen
Department of Corrections Employee - Mike Keene
Policeman - David Kelly
Dr. Bannay - Werner Klemperer
Manny's Felony Court Attorney - Walter Kohler
District Attorney John Hall - Maurice Manson
Arresting Patrolman - Donald May
Tomasini's Assistant - Marc May
Police Turnkey - John McKee
Mr. Balestrero - Silvio Minciotti
Customer at Bickford's - Dallas Mitchell
Young Girl - Patricia Morrow
Court Officer - Thomas J. Murphy
Felony Court Judge - Daniel Ocko
Delicatessen Proprietor's Wife - Natalie Priest
Small Role - Fred Purcelli
Suspect - Allan Ray
Mrs. O'Connor (voice) - Frances Reid
Spanish Woman - Maria Reid
Mrs. Ferraro - Rossana San Marco
Spanish Woman - Penny Santon
Department of Corrections Employee - Frank Schofield
Waving Woman - Elizabeth Scott
Receptionist - Helen Shields
Mr. Mank - Otto Simánek
Stork Club Customer - Oliver Stacey
Department of Corrections Employee - Harry Dean Stanton
Stork Club Customer - John Stephen
Policeman - Clarence Straight
Small Role - Ruth Swanson
Mr. Ferraro - Dino Tarronova
Mr. Ferraro - Dan Terranova
Mr. Wendon - Emerson Treacy
Suspect - John Truax
Detective - Don Turner
Det. Holman - John Vivyan
Giggly Girl - Tuesday Weld
Department of Corrections Employee - Maurice Wells