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In the Ottoman province of Hijaz during World War I, a young Bedouin boy experiences a greatly hastened coming-of-age as he embarks on a perilous desert journey to guide a British officer to his secret destination.

Director: Naji Abu Nowar
Writer: Naji Abu Nowar, Bassel Ghandour
Production: Noor Pictures
Year: 2014
MetaScore: 80/100
ImdbRating: 7.2
BoxOffice: $128,430
Released: 19 Mar 2015
Awards: Nominated for 1 Oscar. Another 10 wins & 14 nominations.

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Edward - Jack Fox
Marji - Marji Audeh
Sheikh - Hmood Ali
Suleiman - Abdul Aziz Mousa
Mulazim - Baha Othman
Revolt Commander - Ali Omayan
Revolt Officer - Aswad Gasem
Revolter - Ali Saleh
Revolter - Abdullah Atawi
Revolter - Suleiman Fraj
Revolter - Hisham Ahmand
Raider - Ouday Hassan
Ottoman Solider - Ali Al-Awaisheh
Ottoman Solider - Mohammad Al-Ugaily
Ottoman Solider - Khlali Abu Haltam
Ottoman Solider - Yaseer Al-Braji
Ottoman Solider - Maidi Asa'ad
Ottoman Solider - Mahmoud Ibrahim Odeh
Ottoman Solider - Thiab Yousef Jarrah
Ottoman Soldier - Taha Ahmad Al-Radaideh
Ottoman Soldier - Nidal Shraim
Ottoman Soldier - Abdel Qader Salleg
Abu Ali - Nasser Mohammed
Tribesman VO Actors - Oasem Nsser Sweilheen
Tribesman VO Actors - Ali Oassem Sweilheen
Tribesman VO Actors - Salm Eid Sweilheen
Turkish VO Actors - Burak Wahib Ramadan
Turkish VO Actors - Saif Hamdan Al-Udwan
Turkish VO Actors - Mohamad Mansour Al-Zoubi
Turkish VO Actors - Mahmoud Eid Abu Zeid
Dead Body in Well - Eyad Daher
Dead Body in Well - Fayez Sweilheen
Farouq - Abu Farouq