Are you a minister
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I want to thank you for not mentioning my strange luggage. Are you a minister? Priest. Or,...

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Rev. Headley:
[after Julia has escorted the inebriated Rev. Headley back to his cabin]
I want to thank you for not mentioning my strange luggage.
Julia Sturges:
Are you a minister?
Rev. Headley:
Priest. Or, rather, I was until last week. At three o'clock on April the eighth, my duties, my privileges, as a servant of God were formally terminated. It was this.
[indicating a bottle]

Rev. Headley:
You know why I started, at least the reason I gave myself? A priest in a slum parish knows all the sadness of the world. He needs support. I used to lean on a little Hennessey's. Just a little at first. People said, "Well, that's only natural. Young Father has a bad cold." But it got so I used to have those colds in the middle of July. Lots of 'em. I can hear the bishop's voice now: "You prefer that stuff to your God?" Well, God and I knew better, but I couldn't stop because I had a private devil all my own. In Rome, they were very kind, but they were very final. I was sacked, and prayed for, and sent off in the morning. How do you cover that in ten words, in a wireless, to a family that loved you and sacrificed for you?

Rev. Headley:
You see, my dear lady, you're not the only one who walks in trouble.
Julia Sturges:
[after a pause, understandingly]
Good night.


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Not tonight Sandy thank you More coffee Julia
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Do you think Annette will be grateful to you for hauling her into the wilderness
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In time And as for Norman I can only tell you this
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there's not going to be a carriage waiting for him at 9am every morning
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From now on he's going to walk to school

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Uploaded: 09 November, 2022
Genres: drama, history, romance
Summary: An unhappily married couple struggle to deal with their problems while on board the ill-fated ship.


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Julia Sturges - Barbara Stanwyck