Is that Old Dog Trey
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Is that "Old Dog Trey? Sounds like "Old Dog Trey." Pardon? Stephen Foster. "Oh, Susannah",...

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Billy Clanton:
[as Doc Holliday is drunkenly playing a somber piece on the saloon piano, Clanton speaks, just as drunkenly]
Is that "Old Dog Trey? Sounds like "Old Dog Trey."
Doc Holliday:
Billy Clanton:
Stephen Foster. "Oh, Susannah", "Camptown Races". Stephen stinking Foster.
Doc Holliday:
Ah, yes. Well, this happens to be a nocturne.
Billy Clanton:
A which?
Doc Holliday:
You know, Frederic fucking Chopin.

Is that Old Dog Tray? That sounds like Old Dog Tray to me. Pardon? You know, Stephen Foster. Oh! Susanna. Camptown Races. Stephen stinkin' Foster! Yes, well, this happens to be a nocturne. - A which? - You know, Frederic fucking Chopin.

Clip duration: 36 seconds
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Timestamp in movie: 00:00:00
Uploaded: 13 December, 2020
Genres: action, biography, drama
Summary: A successful lawman's plans to retire anonymously in Tombstone, Arizona are disrupted by the kind of outlaws he was famous for eliminating.


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Billy Clanton - Thomas Haden Church
Doc Holliday - Val Kilmer