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I have a question
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I have a question. No, wait. I have *all* the questions.

Toy Story 4 2019
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[referring to Forky]
I have a question. No, wait. I have *all* the questions.


00:00:00.503 --> 00:00:02.017
Forky is in there?
00:00:03.000 --> 00:00:04.475
Now, hold on. I have a question.
00:00:04.561 --> 00:00:07.281
Who will Bonnie love more? Ducky or me? Say me.
00:00:07.359 --> 00:00:08.396
- No, say Ducky. Ducky. - Bunny. Bunny.
00:00:08.432 --> 00:00:10.061
Okay, guys. Playtime is over.
00:00:10.097 --> 00:00:11.437
You have to follow my lead.
00:00:11.536 --> 00:00:14.436
We stay together, we stay quiet. Are we clear?
00:00:14.537 --> 00:00:16.369
Absolutely. Lead the way.

Clip duration: 17 seconds
Views: 162
Timestamp in movie: 00:49:26
Uploaded: 28 October, 2021
Genres: animation, adventure, comedy
Summary: When a new toy called "Forky" joins Woody and the gang, a road trip alongside old and new friends reveals how big the world can be for a toy.