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Secret Service agents make a deal with a counterfeiting inmate to be released on early parole if he will help them recover some bogus moneymaking plates, but he plans to double cross them.

Director: Richard Fleischer
Writer: Earl Felton, George Zuckerman
Production: Bryan Foy Productions
Year: 1949
MetaScore: N/A/100
ImdbRating: 6.4
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 01 Oct 1949
Awards: N/A

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Tris Stewart - Lloyd Bridges
Meg Dixon - Barbara Payton
John Downey - John Hoyt
Jack Sylvester - James Todd
Chief Agent Gunby - Russ Conway
Agent Fred Foreman - Robert Karnes
Warden - Harry Antrim
Betty Mason - Lucille Barkley
Federal Agent - George Barrows
Federal Agent - Ralph Brooks
Lawyer - Lennie Burton
Agent in Pursuit Car - Steve Carruthers
Bill Mason - Robert Carson
Secret Service Chief - Stephen Chase
Deputy Marshal - Ken Christy
Mack Mantz - Bert Conway
Desk Sergeant - Clancy Cooper
Nightclub Patron - Oliver Cross
Policeman Mechanic - John Damler
Federal Agent - Sayre Dearing
Nightclub Patron - Kay Garrett
Nightclub Patron - Joe Gilbert
Mr. Baker - Dick Gordon
Patrol Car Cop Outside Nightclub - Fred Graham
Motorcycle Cop - Joe Haworth
Henchman - Sid Kane
Agent Curry - Lyle Latell
Sylvester's Henchman - Jack Low
Agent Charles - Rory Mallinson
Bus Driver - Renny McEvoy
Nightclub Patron - Harold Miller
Nightclub Patron - Hans Moebus
Bank Teller - Tommy Noonan
Bank Customer - Jack Perry
Chambers - Charles Regan
Agent Brill - Jack Reynolds
Mrs. Flaherty - Ruth Robinson
Sam Hooker - Douglas Spencer
Detective Lieutenant - Brick Sullivan
Sam the Bartender - Frank Sully
Agent Raymond - Mack Williams
Narrator - William Woodson