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Gus Lobel (Clint Eastwood) is a baseball scout. The team he works for thinks he should retire. He asks them to let him do one more scouting job to prove himself. His friend, Pete Klein (John Goodman), asks Gus' estranged daughter, Mickey (Amy Adams), if she could go with him to make sure he's okay as his eyes are failing. The doctor tells Gus he should get his eyes treated, but he insists on doing his scouting assignment, which takes him to North Carolina. Mickey decides to put her work on hold to go with him, and she wants him to explain why he pushed her away. While there, he runs into Johnny (Justin Timberlake), a scout from another team who was a promising player Gus once scouted. Johnny and Mickey take an interest in each other.

Director: Robert Lorenz
Writer: Randy Brown
Production: Warner Bros. Pictures
Genre: drama, sport
Year: 2012
MetaScore: 58/100
ImdbRating: 6.8
BoxOffice: $35,754,555
Released: 21 Sep 2012
Awards: 2 wins & 1 nomination.

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Smitty - Chelcie Ross
Max - Ed Lauter
Mickey - Amy Adams
Law Receptionist - Carla Fisher
Rosenbloom - George Wyner
Watson - Bob Gunton
Schwartz - Jack Gilpin
Phillip Sanderson - Matthew Lillard
Pete Klein - John Goodman
Drunk Fan - Nathan Wright
Billy Clark - Scott Eastwood
Danny - Matt Bush
Kid #1 - Sam Collins
Lloyd - Louis Fox
Jimmy - Ricky Muse
Regular #1 - Don Young
Regular #2 - Leon Lamar
Young Mickey - Julia Walters
Waiter #1 - Dane Davenport
Waiter #2 - Eric Mendenhall
Grace Sanchez - Norma Alvarez
Carlos Sanchez - Tyler Silva
Rigo Sanchez - Jay Galloway
Mom in Diner - Melissa Lorenz
Boy in Diner - Jack Lorenz
Girl in Diner - Rory Lorenz
Announcer #1 - Dave Cohen
Bo Gentry - Joe Massingill
Umpire - Kenny Alfonso
Pitcher - Josh Warren
Manager - Clayton Landey
Swannanoa Manager (as Matt Brady) - Matthew Brady
Boy's Father - Bart Hansard
Grizzly Player #1 - Ryan Patrick Williams
Grizzly Player #2 - Xavier Floyd
Matt Nelson - Brian F. Durkin
Musician - Sammy Blue
Diner Waitress - Patricia French
Secretary - Jackie Prucha
Announcer #2 - Rhubarb Jones
Umpire - Scott Estep
Red Sox GM - Tom Nowicki
Red Sox Exec (as Jason S. Gondek) - Jason Gondek
Allan H. (Bud) Selig (as Allan H. 'Bud' Selig) - Bud Selig
Braves Official - Mark Thomason
Assistant - Cara Mantella
Baseball Fan - Lisa M. Barfield
Carol - Karen Ceesay
Yoga Student - Hunter Clowdus
Baseball Fan - Michael Corey
Baseball Fan - Christopher Cozort
Channel 9 News Team - Rob Crowe
Baseball Fan - Derek Ryan Duke
Baseball Fan - Jon Gould
Upscale Diner - Joshua Grant
Baseball Player - Zach Greene
Baseball Game Attendee - Anthony B. Harris
Young Gus - Kevin Harrison
Raptors Pitcher - Chas Harvey
Baseball Fan - Walter Hendrix III
Baseball Fan - Lauren Henneberg
Baseball Fan - Mary Ellen Itson
Maintenance Man - Cal Johnson
Baseball Fan - Tim Lawes
Pedestrian - Dennis Layden
Townsman - Scott Ledbetter
Baseball Fan - Donnia Marie
Drunk in Bar - Mark Meekins
Yankee's Scout - Ken Melde
Stadium Announcer - Arlin Miller
Baseball Fan - Polly Mitchell Giles
Braves Executive #1 - Thad Morris
Baseball Fan - Moses J. Moseley
Baseball Fan - Michele Nichols
Boston College Fan - Braeden Orr
Sports Reporter - Wayne Packer
Baseball Fan - Stephen M. Phillips
Baseball Fan - Christina Pykles
Baseball Scout - Keith Ratchek
Baseball Fan - John Thelan Reece
Baseball Scout - Jason Roach
Silver Skillet Patron / Baseball Fan - Joel Rogers
Cute Girl #1 - Valeri Rogers
Baseball Fan - Natalie Shepherd
Red Sox Executive - Erik Thirsk
Georgia Tech Baseball Player - Corey A. Thrush
Baseball Fan - Elizabeth Vermette
Baseball Fan / Diner Patron - Millie Wannamaker
Baseball Fan - Joe Warshaw
Teen Baseball Fan - Lou Wegner
Baseball Fan - Terry Wilson
Yoga Student - Jacqueline Marie Zwick