It was a miracle
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I guess you haven't slept much on the ground. Oh, I'm very tired. I'll sleep. For somebody...

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I guess you haven't slept much on the ground.
Oh, I'm very tired. I'll sleep.
For somebody who's wore out, you sure got a happy look.
It was a miracle you found me when you did, Mr Hogan.
That was no miracle, just an accident and life is full of 'em.
No. It was a miracle.
Yes, ma'am. Two men are ridin' along side by side, a bullet ricochets off a rock, kills one of them but not the other - just an accident, no miracle.
Then you believe there are no miracles?
Well, um... Now, you take that fella this morning. He could've picked up that stick of dynamite and thrown it back at me before I shot him. Now, that would have been a miracle.

It's nice to hear you laugh, ma'am.
You think nuns don't laugh?
I don't know. I never spent the night with one before.
Good night, Mr Hogan. Thank you again for everything.


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Will you look at that trestle? Couldn't be sweeter.
00:00:21.000 --> 00:00:24.491
- It's a miracle. - A great place for an accident.
00:00:24.501 --> 00:00:28.041
Is this small package of dynamite powerful enough?
00:00:28.998 --> 00:00:30.292
Not if you put it at the base
00:00:30.334 --> 00:00:33.709
but if you put it up high on those braces - pow!
00:00:38.709 --> 00:00:42.293
How can you climb that trestle with your shoulder...?
00:00:46.502 --> 00:00:50.377
- Oh, no, Mr Hogan. No. - Now, wait a minute.
00:00:50.418 --> 00:00:54.127
- Remember I saved your life. - I saved yours today, too.
00:00:54.168 --> 00:00:56.544
I saved yours twice from the French.
00:00:56.586 --> 00:00:58.794
I saved yours twice - the arrow?
00:00:58.836 --> 00:01:02.919
What are you gonna do? Are you gonna desert me in my hour of need?
00:01:02.961 --> 00:01:06.336
What about that rattlesnake when you were hiding?
00:01:06.378 --> 00:01:08.587
That was easy, no risk at all.
00:01:08.629 --> 00:01:11.836
Did I or did I not come to you in your hour of need?
00:01:11.878 --> 00:01:13.961
This is my hour of need.
00:01:14.001 --> 00:01:19.003
What kind of need is your need? All you have on your mind is money.
00:01:19.129 --> 00:01:21.629
What's more important than that?
00:01:21.067 --> 00:01:25.002
My life. If I climb that trestle, I'll fall.
00:01:25.003 --> 00:01:29.001
A fine psalm-singing hypocrite you are.
00:01:29.999 --> 00:01:33.002
The French are gonna slaughter a whole outfit of your Juaristas
00:01:33.003 --> 00:01:35.797
and you're the only one who can help 'em
00:01:35.999 --> 00:01:39.172
and you won't climb one lousy, stinkin' trestle.
00:01:42.038 --> 00:01:44.063
That's right, Sister, lean on it.
00:01:44.672 --> 00:01:47.756
A little good, old-fashioned Christian faith
00:01:47.798 --> 00:01:50.173
will carry you up there like a bird.
00:01:50.214 --> 00:01:54.548
I know you're scared, Sara, but those braces are easy to climb.
00:01:54.589 --> 00:01:59.673
You just keep thinking of all those Christian lives you'll be saving.
00:01:59.714 --> 00:02:03.589
Have faith in that shiny cross and God and all those saints
00:02:03.631 --> 00:02:05.714
will be right up there with you.
00:02:05.756 --> 00:02:09.059
You haven't yet told me how you'll set this off when I...
00:02:09.001 --> 00:02:13.001
Let me worry about that. I'll do it with my rifle. Now get going.
00:02:14.001 --> 00:02:16.001
Surely that train's on its way.

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Timestamp in movie: 00:57:08
Uploaded: 22 September, 2021
Genres: adventure, romance, war
Summary: Nun Sara (Shirley MacLaine) is on the run in Mexico and is saved from cowboys by Hogan (Clint Eastwood), who is preparing for a future mission to capture a French fort. The pair become good ... Read all


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