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You read my mind
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Beer suit you? You read my mind. With most men, that's not too difficult - and not too...

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Belle Aragon: Beer suit you? First Lt. Jim Gary: You read my mind. Belle Aragon: With most men, that's not too difficult - and not too interesting neither. I can tell when a man walks through that door whether he prefers blondes or brunettes, drinks whiskey or beer, plays blackjack or poker, is a cheapskate or a high roller.


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:02.071
Give it up
00:00:02.877 --> 00:00:05.963
Go on back to Minnesota forget you ever had a daughter
00:00:06.013 --> 00:00:07.673
Forget Forget I
00:00:07.924 --> 00:00:10.259
The Comanche
00:00:11.427 --> 00:00:13.304
The Comanches mate their women early
00:00:13.471 --> 00:00:15.999
If your daughter's still alive
00:00:15.223 --> 00:00:17.725
she's probably got a couple half breed kids by now
00:00:17.892 --> 00:00:21.354
Oh come on McCabe that's a hell of a thing to say
00:00:21.646 --> 00:00:24.524
That don't makes no matter to me
00:00:24.691 --> 00:00:25.983
No by golly
00:00:26.192 --> 00:00:28.361
She's still my little girl Freda
00:00:28.528 --> 00:00:30.697
I don't go back without her
00:00:31.406 --> 00:00:33.095
Please mister listen to me

Clip duration: 35 seconds
Views: 166
Timestamp in movie: 00h 25m 20s
Uploaded: 01 November, 2022
Genres: western
Summary: A corrupt marshal is pressured by his army friend into negotiating the release of white captives of the Comanches, but finds that their reintegration into society has its consequences.


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