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In the year 1998 , Evey Hammond is an average citizen of the United Kingdom, which is under the rule of the fascist and tyrannical Norsefire Party. She is an employee of the state-run British Television Network, but soon, she becomes the number one enemy of the state together with an enigmatic and larger-than-life freedom fighter known only by the letter "V". V informs Evey that she must hide in his underground lair for at least one year, and while she is reluctant to the idea at first, a bond soon forms between the two individuals. In the meanwhile, the mysterious past of V is gradually revealed to the police inspector tasked with capturing him, Eric Finch, and it is not long until he starts questioning everything his government stands for.

Director: James McTeigue
Writer: Lilly Wachowski (screenplay), Lana Wachowski (screenplay), David Lloyd (graphic novel art)
Production: Warner Bros. Pictures
Year: 2005
MetaScore: 62/100
ImdbRating: 8.2
BoxOffice: $70,500,000
Released: 17 Mar 2006
Awards: 7 wins & 27 nominations.

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Finch - Stephen Rea
Deitrich - Stephen Fry
Adam Sutler - John Hurt
Dominic - Rupert Graves
Lewis Prothero - Roger Allam
Dascomb - Ben Miles
Delia Surridge - Sinéad Cusack
Lilliman - John Standing
Etheridge - Eddie Marsan
Guy Fawkes - Clive Ashborn
Guy Fawkes Lover (as Emma Field Rayner) - Emma Field-Rayner
Tweed Coat Fingerman - Ian Burfield
Willy Fingerman - Mark Phoenix
Baldy Fingerman - Alister Mazzotti
Little Glasses Girl - Billie Cook
Heyer - Guy Henry
Patricia - Cosima Shaw
BTN News Poppet - Megan Gay
BTN News Poppet - Roderic Culver
Vicky - Tara Hacking
Storm Saxon - Chad Stahelski
Laser Lass - Antje Rau
Wardrobe Mistress - Amelda Brown
Security Guard - Richard Campbell
Little Glasses Girl Mum - Patricia Gannon
Little Glasses Girl Dad - Mark Longhurst
Barman - Simon Holmes
Barfly - Charles Cork
Old Man - John Ringham
Old Man - Oliver Bradshaw
Middle Class Boy - Jack Schouten
Middle Class Sister - Caoimhe Murdock
Middle Class Mum - Juliet Howland
TV Executive - Brin Rosser
Studio Technician (as Raife Burchell) - Raife Patrick Burchell
Jones - Joseph Rye
News Anchor - Adrian Finighan
Major Wilson - Malcolm Sinclair
Evey's Brother - Bradley Steve Ford
Evey's Mother - Selina Giles
Evey's Father - Carsten Hayes
Bureaucrat - Derek Hutchinson
Operator - Grant Burgin
Operator - Greg Donaldson
Young Valerie - Imogen Poots
Biology Teacher - Jason Griffiths
Christina - Kyra Meyer
Valerie's Father - Paul Antony-Barber
Valerie's Mother - Anna Farnworth
Tube Station News Poppet - Simon Newby
Young Man - David Merheb
Young Black Detainee - Daniel Donaldson
Civil War News Poppet - Dulcie Smart
Water Shortage News Poppet - Ben Posener
Avian Flu News Poppet - Ian T. Dickinson
Quarantine News Poppet - Sophia New
Three Waters News Poppet - Julie Brown
Surveillance Man - Gerard Gilroy
Surveillance Man - Eamon Geoghegan
Finch's Fedco Man - Matthew Bates
Convenience Store V - David Leitch
Little Glasses Girl Fingerman - Matt Wilkinson
Victoria Station Fingerman - Martin McGlade
Parliament Lieutenant - Richard Laing
Parliament General - Michael Simkins
Radio Man - William Tapley
V Follower - Lee Asquith-Coe
V Follower - Paul Bateman
Soldier - Luke Burnyeat
Soldier - Andy Callaghan
Soldier - Tony Cook
News Reporter - Mat Curtis
V Street Vigilante - David Decio
V Follower - Christopher Fosh
V Follower V110 - Gordon Gram
Military Officer - Rogan Grant
V Army Member - Rami Hilmi
V Follower - David Hood
V Follower - Keith How
Soldier - Forbes KB
Masked Protester - Edsel Kragg
Bodyguard - Mathis Landwehr
Arab Man at Parliament - Talal Malik
V Follower - Arnold Montey
Policeman - Jason Oettle
V Follower - Peter Ryder
V Army Member - Kit Sinnett
Creedy Guard - Wolfgang Stegemann
TV Journalist - Jonas von Lingen
Soldier - Chris Wilson