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Right there

[to Judy, after being taken to the scene of Madeline's death]
No, no. I have to tell you about Madeleine now. Right there.

We stood there and I kissed her for the last time, and she said, 'If you lose me you'll know that I loved you and wanted to keep on loving you.' And I said, 'I won't lose you.' But I did.

And then she turned and ran into the church. I tried to follow, but it was too late.

- All right, there's nothing to it.
- You're kidding.
- Wait a minute.
- There's nothing to it.
That's a girl. I'll use that.
Put it right there.
All right, here's
the first step.
Okay, now step number two.
All right.
Step number two coming up.
There we are.
See? I look up, I look
down, I look up...
I'm going right out and buy
myself a nice tall stepladder.
Take it easy now.
All right, now here we go.
No problem.
Why, this is a cinch. Here,
I look up, I look down.
I look up, I look down.
Oh, Johnny, Johnny.

Clip duration: 70 seconds
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Movie: Vertigo
Year: 1958
Genres: mystery, romance, thriller
Summary: A former police detective juggles wrestling with his personal demons and becoming obsessed with a hauntingly beautiful woman.

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