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Viva quotes

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The Japanese Mae West in the orgy scene who says, "Murray, peel me a grape" is Anna Biller's mother Sumiko, dubbed by Bridget Brno. The guy at the bar in the brown plaid suit behind Rick is Anna's father Les Biller. He originally had one line as a drunk.GoofsThe $50 bill that Clyde gives to Mrs. James is clearly a modern-day "big-head" bill, not a 1970s-vintage currency.QuotesMark:

Director: Anna Biller
Writer: Anna Biller
Production: N/A
Year: 2007
MetaScore: 58/100
ImdbRating: 5.9
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 02 May 2008
Awards: 1 win & 2 nominations

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Barbi - Anna Biller
Sheila - Bridget Brno
Sherman - Barry Morse
Miss Marker - Veronica Alicino
Reeves - Cole Chipman
Agnes - Robbin Ryan
Kelly - Andrea Lain
Mr. Humphrey - Sam Bologna
Mr. Carlisle - Johnny Holiday
Doctor Collins - Mark Wood
Mrs. James - Carole Balkan
Doctor - Rob Scott
Hippie - Damon Wellner
Sailor - Corky Parks
Sailor - Evan Spector
Model - Lola Kelly
Man at Party - Morgan Blair
Woman at Party - Tyra Chipman
Street Ogler - Roger Schueller
Street Ogler - Richard P. Conas
Blonde at bar - Wendie Pasterick Aston
Ski Girl at Bar - Loa Allebach
Party Wit - Charles Schneider
Restaurant Hostess - Catherine Perkins
Nudist Justice Girl - Adrienne O'Sullivan
Nudist Nature Lover - Dick Holmes
Jaqueline - Larva
Hot Tub Lady - Annie McAuley
Hot tub nudist - Robert Babish
Nudist Student - Lisa Ann Davis
Nudist Pot Grower - James Applebury
Nudist Pot Grower - Josh Garrett
Nudist Pot Grower - Teersa Kramer
Nudist Pot Grower - Anna Simpson
Nudist Flute Player - Cory Richardson
Nudist Actress - Julie-Ann Hassett
Nudist Feminist - Carol Holst
Nudist Feminist - Jessica Elder
Nudist Rule-Citer - Julien Nitzberg
Nudist Drummer - Joachim Cooder
Nudist Bass Player - Jared Smith
Nudist Tambourinist - Jenny Hedley
Nudist Ping-Pong Player - Stefano Griffin
Nudist Seated Man - Harrison Marriott
Nudist - Erik Nye
James - Nick Paul
Murray - David Cooper
Crystal - Natasha Paz
Man in Caftan - Larry Layton
Beach Girl - Karina Michel
Medieval Orgy Man - Andre Coppola Verrone
Beach Girl - Lonna McLaughlin
Beach Girl - Tanya Fishburn
Medieval Orgy Man - Daniel Merlot
Orgy Go-Go Dancer - Robin Cruea-Bray
Orgy Love Slave - Dylan Jordan
Viva's Orgy Date - Jim Goulden
Japanese Mae West - Sumiko
Orgy Pervert - Tosh Berman
Paco Rabanne Lady - Lunna Menoh
Carlo - Carlos - Germán Legarreta
Orgy Lover on Bed - Marcela Pierce
Orgy Lover on Bed - Salvatore Soria
Orgy Vodka Girl - Cat Robinson
Party Guest - Genevieve La Court
Tribal Dancer - Steven Nielsen
Tribal Dancer - Nathan Kim
Tribal Dancer - Saaphyri Windsor
Tribal Dancer - Bryan Rone
Tribal Dancer - Pendu Malik
African Drummer - Julius Buckner
African Drummer - Ken Takye
African Drummer - Keith Bossier
Delivery Man - David Andrew
Sheila's Nanny - Crystal Lent
Sheila's Baby - Avery Lent
Drunk at bar - Les Biller
(as Tracia Kimball) - Tracey
(as Timothy Raynor) - Timothy L. Raynor
Extra - Claire Doré
(as David LeMoine) - David Lemoine
(as Lucas Troy) - Troy E. Lucas
Sexy Surfer - Ryan Kirk
Maggie - Angela Campos
Ballerina - Melissa Mascara
Brunette at Bar -