Waking Life

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Dreams. What are they? An escape from reality or reality itself? Waking Life follows the dream(s) of one man and his attempt to find and discern the absolute difference between waking life and the dreamworld. While trying to figure out a way to wake up, he runs into many people on his way; some of which offer one sentence asides on life, others delving deeply into existential questions and life's mysteries. We become the main character. It becomes our dream and our questions being asked and answered. Can we control our dreams? What are they telling us about life? About death? About ourselves and where we come from and where we are going? The film does not answer all these for us. Instead, it inspires us to ask the questions and find the answers ourselves.

Director: Richard Linklater
Writer: Richard Linklater
Production: Fox Searchlight
Year: 2001
MetaScore: 82/100
ImdbRating: 7.8
BoxOffice: $2,063,729
Released: 07 Mar 2002
Awards: 5 wins & 20 nominations.

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Movie Cast

Young Boy Playing Paper Game - Trevor Jack Brooks
Young Girl Playing Paper Game - Lorelei Linklater
Main Character - Wiley Wiggins
Accordion Player - Glover Gill
Violin Player - Lara Hicks
Viola Player - Ames Asbell
Viola Player - Leigh Mahoney
Cello Player - Sara Nelson
Piano Player - Jeanine Attaway
Bass Player - Erik Grostic
Boat Car Guy - Bill Wise
Philosophy Professor - Robert C. Solomon
Self - Kim Krizan
Shape-Shifting Man - Eamonn Healy
Burning Man - J.C. Shakespeare
Jesse - Ethan Hawke
Celine - Julie Delpy
Angry Man in Jail - Charles Gunning
Self - David Sosa
Man in Car with P.A. - Alex Jones
Coffee Shop Chatter - Carol Dawson
Coffee Shop Chatter - Lisa Moore
Chimpanzee - Steve Fitch
Man Writing a Novel at the Bar - Alex Nixon
Woman Talking to the Novel Writer - Violet Nichols
Man Talking to the Bartender - Steven Prince
Bartender - Ken Webster
Woman on TV - Mary McBay
Man on TV - Kregg A. Foote
Man with the Long Hair - Jason T. Hodge
Guy Talking about Turning the Light on in Dreams - John Christensen
Man Talking to Caveh - David Jewell
One of Four Men - Adam Goldberg
One of Four Men - Nicky Katt
One of Four Men - Jason Liebrecht
One of Four Men - Brent Green
Man on the Lamppost - RC Whittaker
Mr. Debord - Hymie Samuelson
Man on the Train - David Martínez
Young Disappearing Guy - Ryan Power
Soap Opera Woman - Tiana Hux
Goatee Man - Steve Brudniak
Friendly Girl - Marta Banda
Interviewed on Television - Steven Soderbergh
Old Man - Charles Murdock
Quiet Woman at Restaurant - Mona Lee Fultz
Older Artist in the Park - Edith Mannix
Old Woman Sitting for a Portrait - Bess Cox
Kierkegaard Disciple - Louis Black
Pinball Playing Man - Richard Linklater