A thousand years is but an instant
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A thousand years is but an instant. There's nothing new, nothing different; same pattern...

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Ryan Power:
A thousand years is but an instant. There's nothing new, nothing different; same pattern over and over. The same clouds, same music, the same things I felt an hour or an eternity ago. There's nothing here for me now, nothing at all. Now I remember, this happened to me before. This is why I left. You have begun to find your answers. Although it will seem difficult the rewards will be great. Exercise your human mind as fully as possible knowing that it is only an exercise. Build beautiful artifacts, solve problems, explore the secrets of the physical universe, savor the input from all the senses, filled with joy and sorrow and laughter, empathy, compassion, and tote the emotional memory in your travel bag. I remember where I came from, and how I became human, why I hung around, and now my final departure's scheduled. This way out, escaping velocity. Not just eternity, but Infinity.


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A thousand years is an instant There's nothing new
00:00:05.996 --> 00:00:10.717
The same pattern over and over The same insights felt long ago
00:00:10.927 --> 00:00:13.072
There's nothing here for me now
00:00:13.093 --> 00:00:19.226
Now I remember This happened to me before This is why I left
00:00:20.979 --> 00:00:23.001
You have begun to find answers
00:00:23.231 --> 00:00:25.983
Though difficult the rewards will be great
00:00:26.234 --> 00:00:30.946
Exercise your mind fully knowing it is only an exercise
00:00:31.197 --> 00:00:35.993
Build artifacts solve problems explore the secrets of the universe
00:00:36.202 --> 00:00:38.578
Savor input from all the senses
00:00:38.083 --> 00:00:44.751
Feel joy sorrow laughter empathy Tuck the memory in your travel bag
00:00:45.999 --> 00:00:48.422
I remember where I'm from and how I became human
00:00:48.631 --> 00:00:51.883
Why I hung around Now my departure is scheduled
00:00:52.427 --> 00:00:57.639
This way out Escaping velocity Not just eternity but infinity

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Timestamp in movie: 01h 03m 24s
Uploaded: 06 December, 2022
Genres: animation, drama, fantasy
Summary: Waking Life is about a young man in a persistent lucid dream-like state. The film follows its protagonist as he initially observes and later participates in philosophical discussions that weave together issues like reality, free will, our relationships with others, and the meaning of life.


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