"Wanted: Dead or Alive" quotes

Wanted: Dead or Alive poster
Bounty hunter Nick Randall (Rutger Hauer) is offered two hundred fifty thousand dollars by the C.I.A. to get the terrorist behind the bombing of a Los Angeles, California movie theater. Nick quit the C.I.A. because he couldn't tru...

Director: Gary Sherman
Writer: Michael Patrick Goodman, Brian Taggert, Gary Sherman
Production: N/A
Genre: action, crime, drama
Year: 1986
MetaScore: N/A/100
ImdbRating: 5.9
BoxOffice: $7,555,000
Released: 16 Jan 1987
Awards: 1 nomination

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Nick Randall - Rutger Hauer
Malak Al Rahim - Gene Simmons
Philmore Walker - Robert Guillaume
Terry - Mel Harris
Det. Danny Quintz - William Russ
Louise Quintz - Susan MacDonald
John Lipton - Jerry Hardin
Patrick Donoby - Hugh Gillin
Dave Henderson - Robert Harper
Robert Aziz - Eli Danker
Hasson - Joseph Nasser
Jamilla - Suzanne Wouk
Abdul Renza - Gerald Papasian
Chemical Expert - Hammam Shafie
Charlie Higgins - Tyler Tyhurst
Pete - Ted White
Hardy - Neil Summers
Farnsworth - Dennis Burkley
Mrs. Farnsworth - DeeDee Rescher
Luis Sanchez - Jesse Aragon
Young Vietnamese Woman - Shere Thu Thuy
Vietnamese Shop Owner - Tu Ban Nguyen
Yeshiva Student - Garry Scott
Self - Tiiu Leek
Self - Bill Smith
Mr. Morrison - R.J. Miller
Police Chief - David Boyle
Sergeant Nelson - Jeffrey Josephson
Policeman - Patrick Puccinelli
Technician - James Edgcomb
Agent - Buddy Farmer
Agent - Gary Werntz
Agent - Rif Hutton
Agent - Rick Goldman
Agent - Ed Brodow
Truck Driver - Danny Costa
FBI Agent - Sam Longoria