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War and Peace quotes

War and Peace poster
Napoleon's tumultuous relations with Russia, including his disastrous 1812 invasion, serve as the backdrop for the tangled personal lives of two aristocratic families.

Director: King Vidor
Writer: Lev Tolstoy, Bridget Boland, Robert Westerby
Production: N/A
Genre: drama, romance, war
Year: 1956
MetaScore: N/A/100
ImdbRating: 6.8
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 21 Aug 1956
Awards: Nominated for 3 Oscars. 5 wins & 13 nominations total

21 Clips & Quotes


Natasha Rostova - Audrey Hepburn
Pierre Bezukhov - Henry Fonda
Prince Andrei Bolkonsky - Mel Ferrer
Anatol Kuragin - Vittorio Gassman
Napoleon - Herbert Lom
Field Marshal Kutuzov - Oskar Homolka
Helene Kuragina - Anita Ekberg
Dolokhov - Helmut Dantine
Prince Vasili Kuragin - Tullio Carminati
Prince Mikhail Andreevich Rostov - Barry Jones
Lisa Bolkonskaya - Milly Vitale
Countess Rostov - Lea Seidl
Maria Bolkonskaya - Anna Maria Ferrero
Prince Bolkonsky - Wilfrid Lawson
Sonia Rostova - May Britt
Nikolai Rostov - Jeremy Brett
Denisov - Patrick Crean
Petya Rostov - Sean Barrett
Mariya Peronskaya - Gertrude Flynn
Platon Karataev - John Mills
House Servant - Giuseppe Addobbati
Young Servant at Rostov's - Mario Addobbati
Governess - Inna Alexeievna
Matrosha - Marisa Allasio
Young Soldier at Borodino - Luciano Angelini
Young Soldier Shot in Front of Pierre - Cesare Barbetti
Balaga - Vincent Barbi
Russian Soldier - Patrick Barrett
Russian Soldier - Michael Billingsley
French Officer at Execution - Georges Bréhat
Soldier - Mario Cardoni
Victor - Guido Celano
French Officer - Geoffrey Copleston
French Officer - Giorgio Costantini
Russian Soldier - Dave Crowley
Pierre's Second at Duel - Robert Cunningham
Soldier - Alex D'Alessio
Young French Officer - Carlo Dale
Young French Officer - Paul Davis
Young Officer at Orgy - Lucio De Santis
Russian General - Mino Doro
Dolokhov's Second at Duel - Andrea Esterhazy
Constand - Andrea Fantasia
Russian Artillery Captain - Charles Fawcett
French Soldier - Francis Foucaud
Russian Officer - Alan Furlan
Russian Soldier - Angelo Galassi
Bezukhov's Servant - Nándor Gallai
Coachman - Stephen Garret
French Officer - Christopher Hofer
Gentleman at Ball - John Horne
Old Maid - Sdenka Kirchen
Young Officer at Orgy - Dmitriy Konstantinov
Young Prince Nicholas - Mauro Lanciani
Tichon - Old Servant of Bolkonskty - Stephen Lang
Vera - Natasha's Sister - Marianne Leibl
Gentleman at Ball - Don Little
Prokofi - Rostov's Butler - Alberto Lolli
Soldier - Gianni Luda
Mademoiselle Geoges - Clelia Matania
De Beausset - French Messenger - Richard McNamara
French Drummer - Enrico Olivieri
Russian General - Eric Oulton
Russian Artillery Lieutenant - Piero Palermini
French Officer - Mimmo Palmara
Bolkonsky's Servant - Piero Pastore
Liudmila - Teresa Pellati
Young Girl Protected by Pierre - Paola Quagliero
Czar Alexander I - Savo Raskovitch
French Officer - Jerry Riggio
Soldier - Alfredo Rizzo
Young Cossack - Giacomo Rossi Stuart
Young Russian Officer - Giovanni Rossi-Loti
Young Guard - Carlo Sabatini
Guest at Dolochov's Party - Aldo Saporetti
Russian General - John Stacy
Officer Talking with Natasha - Robert Stephens
Young Dying Soldier - Gilberto Tofano
Count Kirill Bezukhov - Gualtiero Tumiati
Russian Officer - Joop van Hulzen
Young Officer at Orgy - Robin White Cross
Mavra - Rostov Housekeeper - Maria Zanoli