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War Room quotes

War Room poster
A seemingly perfect family looks to fix their problems with the help of Miss Clara, an older, wiser woman.

Director: Alex Kendrick
Writer: Alex Kendrick, Stephen Kendrick
Production: N/A
Genre: drama
Year: 2015
MetaScore: 26/100
ImdbRating: 6.5
BoxOffice: $67,790,117
Released: 28 Aug 2015
Awards: 5 wins

11 Clips & Quotes


Clara Williams - Karen Abercrombie
Elizabeth Jordan - Priscilla C. Shirer
Tony Jordan - T.C. Stallings
Veronica Drake - Tenae Downing
Danielle Jordan - Alena Pitts
Michael Alexander - Michael Jr.
Jennifer Stephens - Jadin Harris
Coleman Young - Alex Kendrick
Tom Stafford - Dave Blamy
Leo Williams - Thomas A. Ford III
War Room Soldier - Tyler Mitchell
War Room Soldier - Roland Mitchell
War Room Soldier - Andrew Hurt
War Room Soldier - Terrence Evans
War Room Soldier - Toochukwu T.C. Anyachonkeya
War Room Soldier - Jeriame Zenzayer
Young Clyde - Jude Shirer
Arguing Boyfriend - Michael Rosander
Arguing Girlfriend - Caitlyn Rosander
Mr. Barnes - Rusty Martin Sr.
Mr. Barnes Colleague - Reid McGraw
Lady in Church - Jessica Lark
Lawnboy - Joseph Wheeler
Lindsay - Ashley Bratcher
Nurse - Karissa Ross
Dr. Morris - Ed Pilkington
Mandy - Beth Moore
Dr. Bunji - Robert Amaya
Brightwell Employee - Sierra Minott
Robber - J.D. Banks
Police Officer 1 - Ben Davies
Police Officer 2 - Jacobi Howard
Waitress - Kelsey Kupecky
Home Buyer - Erin Lee
Home Buyer - Greg Lee
Delivery Man - Myke Holmes
Jennifer's Mom - Janet Lee Dapper
Rick Curtis - Scotty Curlee
CCC Employee - Rachel Aarhus
Coach Trish - Noël Baker
Brightwell Employee - John Putnam
Rev. Charles Jones - Johnny Lee Worthy Jr.
Mrs. Jones - Gezell Fleming
Clyde Williams - Abraham Cannon
Clyde's Daughter - Jael Hall
Jump Rope Announcer - Stephen Kendrick
Jump Rope Judge - John Edwards
Jump Rope Judge - J.D. Gibbs
Jump Rope Judge - Lisa Lubanovic
Jump Rope Judge - Wynter Pitts
Jump Rope Judge - Kim Stewart
Jump Rope Judge - Justin Tolley
Jump Rope Judge - Gary Wheeler
Praying Farmer - John Henry Barber
Man Praying Over Map - Judd Brannon
Man Praying Over Map - Stan Wilson
Praying Business Man at Window - Donald Horner
Police Officer - Jonathan Mullis
Praying Father with Baby - Kevin Peeples
Praying Father with Baby - Kendrick Peeples
School Teacher - Susan Ross
Praying Baseball Player - J.J. Briceno
Praying Baseball Player - David Burns
Praying Baseball Player - Julius Carr
Praying Baseball Player - Troy McClure
Family Praying at Meal - The Joel Santiago Family
Man Praying Over City - Craig Schroder
Basketball Player - Bailey Benham
Basketball Player - David Benham
Basketball Player - Jason Benham
Basketball Player - Aaron Graham
Basketball Player - Carl Hall
Basketball Player - A.J. Jackson
Basketball Player - Joshua Kendrick
Basketball Player - Brian Madeira
Basketball Player - Nico Payne
Basketball Player - Eric Pruett
Basketball Player - Jerry Shirer
Basketball Player - Jay Stewart
Jump Roper - Ally Astles
Jump Roper - Ty Benham
Jump Roper - Lindsey Bills
Jump Roper - Lindsey Birkemo
Jump Roper - Hannah Butler
Jump Roper - Kamrin Dean
Jump Roper - Myles Faison
Jump Roper - Evan Gladstone
Jump Roper - Adam Hill
Jump Roper - Stewart Isaacs
Jump Roper - Dafne Katsarou
Jump Roper - Anna Kendrick
Jump Roper - Caleb Kendrick
Jump Roper - Catherine Kendrick
Jump Roper - Hannah Kendrick
Jump Roper - Heidi Kendrick
Jump Roper - Joy Kendrick
Jump Roper - Kevin Morrissey
Jump Roper - Sam Orenstein
Jump Roper - Cinthia Praiswater
Jump Roper - Becca Purser
Jump Roper - Quinn Robinson
Jump Roper - Matthew Russell
Jump Roper - Jessica Schinsky
Jump Roper - Catherine Shaw
Jump Roper - Brooke Shoup
Jump Roper - Stephen Simpson
Business Executive - Perry Ball
Business Executive - Audrey Blackwelder
Church Member - Meg Crosbie
Double Dutch Tournament Fan - Briana Downing
Double Dutch Tournament Fan - Daniel Justice Downing
Double Dutch Tournament Fan - Earl Downing
Double Dutch Tournament Fan - Naima Downing
Sports Spectator - Brookabella Horner
Church Member - Candice Kimbrough
Restaurant Patron - Jimmy Manning
Miscellaneous Crew - Jared Olinick
Double Dutch Tournament Fan - Marlo Scheitler
Church Member - Jenny Sylivant