And you know what
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And you know what? Treating it like a joke IS being an asshole. I'm not treating this like...

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And you know what? Treating it like a joke IS being an asshole.
I'm not treating this like a joke. And I am not being an asshole. ALLAN is being an asshole and NICOLE is being an asshole, and right now, YOU'RE kinda being an asshole. Me? I'm standing here with a BRANCH! A branch that cuts down approximately ZERO percent of the windchill factor on my DICK, okay! I've got a branch, you've got a sleeping bag! How does that make me an asshole?


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You know what? Maybe you're right.
00:00:05.998 --> 00:00:07.629
But either way, you're an asshole, Allan.
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Hit a three-pointer.
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- Hi. - Hi.
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Come in or whatever.
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I just jogged over here to feed the cat.
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If I don't shower right away my pores get all clogged
00:00:42.748 --> 00:00:45.003
and I get this, like, zit nest on my forehead.
00:00:45.025 --> 00:00:47.211
So why are you feeding the cat?
00:00:47.378 --> 00:00:48.796
So it doesn't starve to death.
00:00:48.962 --> 00:00:51.465
- But why can't Chantry feed it? - Because she flew to Dublin.
00:00:52.466 --> 00:00:54.385
She flew to Dublin?
00:00:54.551 --> 00:00:56.047
Yes, of course she did.
00:00:57.763 --> 00:00:58.847
You like her.
00:01:00.474 --> 00:01:01.934
You like Chantry.
00:01:02.101 --> 00:01:04.001
Get in the shower. I can see your blackheads here.
00:01:04.001 --> 00:01:07.993
No, don't get all snooty with me just because you're so busted.
00:01:07.999 --> 00:01:08.774
Look, I'm not in love with your sister.
00:01:08.941 --> 00:01:11.693
You are a nice-ish guy,
00:01:11.086 --> 00:01:14.738
and you're amusing, but Chantry loves Ben.
00:01:14.905 --> 00:01:17.408
They're gonna get married and live happily ever after.
00:01:18.001 --> 00:01:21.001
You're just gonna be this guy that she was friends with for a couple months.
00:01:21.203 --> 00:01:24.001
"What was his name...? Walter? I don't know."
00:01:24.581 --> 00:01:27.584
So you just need to do whatever you need to do to get over it, okay?
00:01:27.999 --> 00:01:30.504
Because it's never gonna happen.

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Uploaded: 26 October, 2021
Genres: comedy, romance
Summary: Wallace, who is burned out from a string of failed relationships, forms an instant bond with Chantry, who lives with her longtime boyfriend. Together, they puzzle out what it means if your b... Read all


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