"What Rats Won't Do" quotes

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Soon-to-be-married lawyer Kate Beckenham has landed the case of a lifetime. Her courtroom opponent turns out to be the charming Jack Sullivan, who has never lost a single case.

Director: Alastair Reid
Writer: Steve Coombes, Dave Robinson, William Osborne
Production: N/A
Genre: comedy, romance
Year: 1998
MetaScore: N/A/100
ImdbRating: 6.2
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 01 Jul 1998
Awards: N/A

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Ellen - Amy Phillips
Judge Foster - Freddie Jones
Defendant - Chris Jury
Foster's Clerk - W. Stephen Gilbert
Verger - Harry Enfield
Kate's Clerk - Paul Rider
Jack's Dad - Philip Jackson
Woman with Dog - Georgie Glen
Mirella - Parker Posey
Gerald - Charles Dance
Moot Master - Denis Lill
Drunken Lawyer - Daniel de la Falaise
Drunken Lawyer - Edmund Moriarty
Drunken Lawyer - David Crawford
Older Man at Moot - Roger Frost
Diner on Boat - Donald Douglas
Diner on Boot - Pat Starr
Diner on Boat - Billy J. Mitchell
Girl on Boat - Natalie Tinn
Girl on Boat - Pandora Colin
Girl on Boat - Daisy Beaumont
Justice Bradley - Jennifer Paterson
Journalist - Richard Coyle
Bald Lawyer - Bill Thomas
Robin - Allan Lamb
Chaplain - Nicholas Smith
Tomlin's Clerk - Ramsay Gilderdale
Justice Tomlin - Michael Gough
Jane & Robin's Baby - Lydia Arnold
Juror - Eric Colvin
Builder - Jonny Emmett
Stenographer - Rebecca Promitzer
Mirella's Minder - Frank Scantori
Jury Usher - Christian Simpson
Journalist - Vivienne Soan