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"Wish You Were Here" quotes

Wish You Were Here poster
Two Australian couples, two sisters, are on vacation in Southern Cambodia. Jeremy goes missing. What happened? Were drugs involved? Secrets are slowly revealed after the 3 return to Sydney.

Director: Kieran Darcy-Smith
Writer: Kieran Darcy-Smith, Felicity Price
Production: N/A
Year: 2012
MetaScore: 60/100
ImdbRating: 5.9
BoxOffice: $46,347
Released: 07 Jun 2013
Awards: 10 wins & 23 nominations

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Alice Flannery - Felicity Price
Dave Flannery - Joel Edgerton
Steph McKinney - Teresa Palmer
Jeremy King - Antony Starr
Jon Canane - Nicholas Cassim
Max Flannery - Otto Page
Holly Flannery - Isabelle Austin-Boyd
Margie McKinney - Tina Bursill
Willis - Wayne Blair
Helen King - Valerie Bader
Jim King - Pip Miller
Delivery Doctor - Robbie Hislop
Mid-wife - Annie Stirling
Alex - Paul Magee
Christian - Chris Walker
Kid at BBQ - Indiana O'Loughlin
Kid at BBQ - Ivy Mai Jones-Evans
Kid at BBQ - Cameron Ealey
Kid at BBQ - Amber Saxby
Steph's Flatmate - Jessica Chapnik Kahn
Comforting Woman - Farhat Imran
Comforting Woman - Khulud Alkuhaile Marry
Vietnamese Car Driver - Glenn Chow
Vietnamese Car Passenger - Tri-Tue Tran
Warehouse Manager - Russell Newman
Customs Officer - Paul Wilson
Customs Dog Handler - Kenneth Innes
Jeremy's Neighbour - Kristina Ceyton
Baby Grace - Amelie Asschers
Radio Newsreader - Anton Enus
Vietnamese Barman - Nhuyen Tran Viet Khoi
Young Angry Cambodian Man - Rous Mony
Old Cambodian Man - Bay Sach Kteauy
Vietnamese Gang Members - Le Binh Giang
Vietnamese Gang Member - Huynh Hai Minh
Vietnamese Gang Member - Huynh Thien Tho
Vietnamese Gang Members - Lam Mong Hoang
Cambodian Motorbike Rider - Vutha Soth
Cambodian Guard with a Gun - Pok Dyrama
Beach Party DJ - Marco
Beach Party Bartender - Tai Dara
Snack Stall Attendant - Theara
Mekong Whisky Seller - Kol Sreypov
Elephant Stall Vendo - Pov Buntha
Waitress - Chansoua Chen
Working Girl - Din Chantha
Working Girl - Bo Sreynet
Working Girl - Vanny Ka
Working Girl - Srey Mey
Working Girl - Kheav Sreyneang
Working Girl - Sreng Somalee
Working Girl - Srey Thea
Working Girl - Srey Neat
Working Girl - Send Sreynet
Brothel Patron - Ya Rithy
Brothel Patron - Ya Ratha
Brothel Patron - Sor Him
Brothel Patron - Eoun Sokun
Brothel Patron - Seng Borin
Brothel Patron - Soun Somaly
Steph's Flatmate - James Carrick
Stablehand - Juan Burton
Marina worker - Richard Carwin
Gangter - Le Binh Giang
Vietnamese - Lap Phan
Vietnamese - Vico Thai