Zelig poster
Fictional documentary about the life of human chameleon Leonard Zelig, a man who becomes a celebrity in the 1920s due to his ability to look and act like whoever is around him. Clever editing places Zelig in real newsreel footage of Woodrow Wilson, Babe Ruth, and others.

Director: Woody Allen
Writer: Woody Allen
Production: Warner Home Video
Genre: comedy
Year: 1983
MetaScore: N/A/100
ImdbRating: 7.7
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 25 Aug 1983
Awards: Nominated for 2 Oscars. Another 7 wins & 17 nominations.

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Movie Cast

Leonard Zelig - Woody Allen
Dr. Eudora Nesbitt Fletcher - Mia Farrow
The Narrator - Patrick Horgan
Dr. Sindell - John Buckwalter
Glandular Diagnosis Doctor - Marvin Chatinover
Mexican Food Doctor - Stanley Swerdlow
Dr. Birsky - Paul Nevens
Hypodermic Doctor - Howard Erskine
Experimental Drugs Doctor - George Hamlin
Other Doctor - Ralph Bell
Other Doctor - Richard Whiting
Other Doctor (as Will Hussong) - Will Hussung
Man in Barber Chair - Robert Iglesia
Man in Park - Eli Resnick
Freshman #1 - Gale Hansen
Freshman #2 (as Michael Jeeter) - Michael Jeter
Workers Rally Speaker - Peter McRobbie
Martin Geist - Sol Lomita
Sister Ruth - Mary Louise Wilson
Telephone Operator - Alice Beardsley
Woman on Telephone - Paula Trueman
Man on Telephone - Ed Lane
Actress Fletcher - Marianne Tatum
Actor Doctor (as Charles Denney) - Charles Denny
Actor Koslow - Michael Kell
Actor Zelig (as Garrett Brown) - Garrett M. Brown
Miss Baker (as Sharon Ferrol) - Sharon Ferrol-Young
Charles Koslow - Richard Litt
Paul Deghuee - John Rothman
Meryl Fletcher - Stephanie Farrow
City Hall Speaker - Francis Beggins
Dr. Fletcher's Mother - Jean Trowbridge
On-Camera Interviewer - Ken Chapin
Hearst Guest - Gerald Klein
Hearst Guest (as Vincent Jerosa) - Vincent Jerman-Jerosa
Lita Fox - Deborah Rush
Lita's Lawyer - Stanley Simmonds
Zelig's Lawyer - Robert Berger
Helen Gray - Jeanine Jackson
Zelig's Wife - Erma Campbell
Wrist Victim - Anton Marco
House-Painting Victim - Louise Deitch
Vilification Woman - Bernice Dowis
Greek Waiter - John Doumanian
Rally Chancellor (as Will Holt) - Willy Holt
Carter Dean - Bernie Herold
Susan Sontag - Contemporary Interviews - Susan Sontag
Irving Howe - Contemporary Interviews - Irving Howe
Saul Bellow - Contemporary Interviews - Saul Bellow
Bricktop - Contemporary Interviews - Bricktop
Bruno Bettelheim - Contemporary Interviews - Bruno Bettelheim
John Morton Blum - Contemporary Interviews (as Professor John Morton Blum) - John Morton Blum
Calvin Turner - Contemporary Interviews - Marshall Cole Sr.
Older Dr. Fletcher - Contemporary Interviews - Ellen Garrison
Mike Geibell - Contemporary Interviews - Jack Cannon
Ted Bierbauer - Contemporary Interviews - Theodore R. Smits
Older Paul Deghuee - Contemporary Interviews - Sherman Loud
Older Sister Meryl Fletcher - Contemporary Interviews - Elizabeth Rothschild
Oswald Pohl - Contemporary Interviews (as Kuno Spunholz) - Kuno Sponholz
Pathe News Announcer (voice) - Ed Herlihy
Hearst Metrotone Announcer (voice) - Dwight Weist
Radio Announcer (voice) - Gordon Gould
Universal Newsreel Announcer (voice) (as Windy Craig) - Wendell Craig
German U.F.A. Newsreel Announcer (voice) - Jurgen Kuehn
Self (with Hitler and Streicher) (archive footage) (unconfirmed) - Max Amann
Other Doctor - Arthur Anderson
Self (archive footage) - Josephine Baker
Lizard Dancer - Michael Blevins
Self (archive footage) - Fanny Brice
Self - Walking Behind Hitler (archive footage) - Wilhelm Brückner
Self (archive footage) - James Cagney
Self (archive footage) - Al Capone
Self (archive footage) - Charles Chaplin
Self - Pinning Medal - Calvin Coolidge
Self (archive footage) - Marion Davies
Self (archive footage) - Dolores del Rio
Self - with Hitler and Streicher (archive footage) - Sepp Dietrich
Self - Playing Baseball (archive footage) - Joe DiMaggio
Self (archive footage) - Marie Dressler
Self (archive footage) - F. Scott Fitzgerald
Self (archive footage) - Lou Gehrig
Self (archive footage) - Joseph Goebbels
Self (archive footage) - Harold 'Red' Grange
Self (archive footage) - Hermann Göring
Reporter - Jon Hayden
Self (archive footage) - William Randolph Hearst
Self (archive footage) - Rudolf Hess
Self (archive footage) - Adolf Hitler
Self (archive footage) - Bobby Jones
German Girl - Elizabeth Kaitan
Self - with Goebbels (archive footage) - Robert Ley
Self (archive footage) - Charles A. Lindbergh
Self (archive footage) - Carole Lombard
Self (archive footage) - Adolphe Menjou
Self - At San Simeon (archive footage) - Tom Mix
Self with Hitler and Streicher (archive footage) - Franz Pfeffer von Salomon
voice of Helen Kane - Mae Questel
Charleston Dancer - Bubba Dean Rambo
Self (archive footage) - Billy Rose
Self - Swinging Bat (archive footage) - Babe Ruth
Self - Walking Behind Hitler (archive footage) - Julius Schaub
Self - with Back to Hitler (archive footage) - Gregor Strasser
Self - with Hitler and Hess (archive footage) - Julius Streicher
Beauty Contestant - Kim Johnston Ulrich
Self - with Goebbels and Ley (archive footage) - Franz von Epp
Self - Mayor of New York (archive footage) - Jimmy Walker
Police Officer - Tug Wilson
Self (archive footage) - Claire Windsor