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"Documentary" about a man who can look and act like whoever he's around, and meets various famous people.

Director: Woody Allen
Writer: Woody Allen
Production: Warner Home Video
Genre: comedy
Year: 1983
MetaScore: N/A/100
ImdbRating: 7.7
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 25 Aug 1983
Awards: Nominated for 2 Oscars. Another 7 wins & 17 nominations.

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Leonard Zelig - Woody Allen
Dr. Eudora Nesbitt Fletcher - Mia Farrow
The Narrator - Patrick Horgan
Dr. Sindell - John Buckwalter
Glandular Diagnosis Doctor - Marvin Chatinover
Mexican Food Doctor - Stanley Swerdlow
Dr. Birsky - Paul Nevens
Hypodermic Doctor - Howard Erskine
Experimental Drugs Doctor - George Hamlin
Other Doctor - Ralph Bell
Other Doctor - Richard Whiting
Other Doctor (as Will Hussong) - Will Hussung
Man in Barber Chair - Robert Iglesia
Man in Park - Eli Resnick
Freshman #1 - Gale Hansen
Freshman #2 (as Michael Jeeter) - Michael Jeter
Workers Rally Speaker - Peter McRobbie
Martin Geist - Sol Lomita
Sister Ruth - Mary Louise Wilson
Telephone Operator - Alice Beardsley
Woman on Telephone - Paula Trueman
Man on Telephone - Ed Lane
Actress Fletcher - Marianne Tatum
Actor Doctor (as Charles Denney) - Charles Denny
Actor Koslow - Michael Kell
Actor Zelig (as Garrett Brown) - Garrett M. Brown
Miss Baker (as Sharon Ferrol) - Sharon Ferrol-Young
Charles Koslow - Richard Litt
Paul Deghuee - John Rothman
Meryl Fletcher - Stephanie Farrow
City Hall Speaker - Francis Beggins
Dr. Fletcher's Mother - Jean Trowbridge
On-Camera Interviewer - Ken Chapin
Hearst Guest - Gerald Klein
Hearst Guest (as Vincent Jerosa) - Vincent Jerman-Jerosa
Lita Fox - Deborah Rush
Lita's Lawyer - Stanley Simmonds
Zelig's Lawyer - Robert Berger
Helen Gray - Jeanine Jackson
Zelig's Wife - Erma Campbell
Wrist Victim - Anton Marco
House-Painting Victim - Louise Deitch
Vilification Woman - Bernice Dowis
Greek Waiter - John Doumanian
Rally Chancellor (as Will Holt) - Willy Holt
Carter Dean - Bernie Herold
Susan Sontag - Contemporary Interviews - Susan Sontag
Irving Howe - Contemporary Interviews - Irving Howe
Saul Bellow - Contemporary Interviews - Saul Bellow
Bricktop - Contemporary Interviews - Bricktop
Bruno Bettelheim - Contemporary Interviews - Bruno Bettelheim
John Morton Blum - Contemporary Interviews (as Professor John Morton Blum) - John Morton Blum
Calvin Turner - Contemporary Interviews - Marshall Cole Sr.
Older Dr. Fletcher - Contemporary Interviews - Ellen Garrison
Mike Geibell - Contemporary Interviews - Jack Cannon
Ted Bierbauer - Contemporary Interviews - Theodore R. Smits
Older Paul Deghuee - Contemporary Interviews - Sherman Loud
Older Sister Meryl Fletcher - Contemporary Interviews - Elizabeth Rothschild
Oswald Pohl - Contemporary Interviews (as Kuno Spunholz) - Kuno Sponholz
Pathe News Announcer (voice) - Ed Herlihy
Hearst Metrotone Announcer (voice) - Dwight Weist
Radio Announcer (voice) - Gordon Gould
Universal Newsreel Announcer (voice) (as Windy Craig) - Wendell Craig
German U.F.A. Newsreel Announcer (voice) - Jurgen Kuehn
Self (with Hitler and Streicher) (archive footage) (unconfirmed) - Max Amann
Other Doctor - Arthur Anderson
Self (archive footage) - Josephine Baker
Lizard Dancer - Michael Blevins
Self (archive footage) - Fanny Brice
Self - Walking Behind Hitler (archive footage) - Wilhelm Brückner
Self (archive footage) - James Cagney
Self (archive footage) - Al Capone
Self (archive footage) - Charles Chaplin
Self - Pinning Medal - Calvin Coolidge
Self (archive footage) - Marion Davies
Self (archive footage) - Dolores del Rio
Self - with Hitler and Streicher (archive footage) - Sepp Dietrich
Self - Playing Baseball (archive footage) - Joe DiMaggio
Self (archive footage) - Marie Dressler
Self (archive footage) - F. Scott Fitzgerald
Self (archive footage) - Lou Gehrig
Self (archive footage) - Joseph Goebbels
Self (archive footage) - Harold 'Red' Grange
Self (archive footage) - Hermann Göring
Reporter - Jon Hayden
Self (archive footage) - William Randolph Hearst
Self (archive footage) - Rudolf Hess
Self (archive footage) - Adolf Hitler
Self (archive footage) - Bobby Jones
German Girl - Elizabeth Kaitan
Self - with Goebbels (archive footage) - Robert Ley
Self (archive footage) - Charles A. Lindbergh
Self (archive footage) - Carole Lombard
Self (archive footage) - Adolphe Menjou
Self - At San Simeon (archive footage) - Tom Mix
Self with Hitler and Streicher (archive footage) - Franz Pfeffer von Salomon
voice of Helen Kane - Mae Questel
Charleston Dancer - Bubba Dean Rambo
Self (archive footage) - Billy Rose
Self - Swinging Bat (archive footage) - Babe Ruth
Self - Walking Behind Hitler (archive footage) - Julius Schaub
Self - with Back to Hitler (archive footage) - Gregor Strasser
Self - with Hitler and Hess (archive footage) - Julius Streicher
Beauty Contestant - Kim Johnston Ulrich
Self - with Goebbels and Ley (archive footage) - Franz von Epp
Self - Mayor of New York (archive footage) - Jimmy Walker
Police Officer - Tug Wilson
Self (archive footage) - Claire Windsor