So what the fuck

I don't give a fuck, man. I'm sick of you always thinking you know what's best for me,...

8 Mile2002
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Jimmy Smith Jr:
I don't give a fuck, man. I'm sick of you always thinking you know what's best for me, dawg. You ain't my fucking father. I'm a grown man.
Look, Jimmy...
Jimmy Smith Jr:
Look, Jimmy, nothing! Fuck you! I told you not to fucking sign me up!
So what the fuck, you wanna fight me now, huh?
Jimmy Smith Jr:
Yo you ain't the future of shit, bitch! You're just David fuckin' Porter.
Hey, come on, fellas.
[long pause]

You know what? Do what the fuck you wanna do man. 'Cause I don't give a shit anymore. I really fuckin' don't!
[Future walks away]

I really fuckin' don't!


00:00:01.025 --> 00:00:03.068
- I gave it back to you. - I got one.
00:00:03.152 --> 00:00:05.278
Wait, what are you doing?
00:00:05.655 --> 00:00:06.655
00:00:18.000 --> 00:00:20.999
What the fuck, you guys!
00:00:20.127 --> 00:00:21.836
I'm gonna fuck you up, Cheddar!
00:00:50.157 --> 00:00:51.157
00:00:54.245 --> 00:00:56.871
Hey! I burned the house down!
00:01:06.001 --> 00:01:07.999
The roof, the roof
00:01:07.883 --> 00:01:10.001
The roof is on fire
00:01:10.386 --> 00:01:14.001
We don't need no water let the motherfucker burn
00:01:14.223 --> 00:01:16.001
Burn, motherfucker, burn!
00:01:17.393 --> 00:01:18.893
It's almost beautiful.
00:01:20.146 --> 00:01:23.094
When I was little, I wanted to live in a house like this.

Clip duration: 85 seconds
Views: 167
Timestamp in movie: 00h 40m 13s
Uploaded: 07 September, 2021
Genres: drama, music
Summary: A young rapper, struggling with every aspect of his life, wants to make it big but his friends and foes make this odyssey of rap harder than it may seem.


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