Doomed planet
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Doomed planet. Desperate scientists. Last hope. Kindly couple. Superman. We know all the...

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Lex Luthor:
Doomed planet. Desperate scientists. Last hope. Kindly couple. Superman.
Dr. Leo Quintum:
We know all the story, Luthor. Why did you ask to see me? If this is an escape attempt...
Lex Luthor:
I'd already be free. No, I've already accepted my imminent execution. This is a confession. Forgive me, doctor. For have I sinned. A lot.
Dr. Leo Quintum:
You killed him.
Lex Luthor:
And my deathbed claims that I've seen the error of my ways can't change that. But there is one thing I can do to honor his memory.


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:02.865
Doomed planet
00:00:03.035 --> 00:00:05.333
Desperate scientists
00:00:05.505 --> 00:00:07.132
Last hope
00:00:07.306 --> 00:00:09.274
Kindly couple
00:00:09.442 --> 00:00:10.067
00:00:11.031 --> 00:00:13.021
QUINTUM We all know the story Luthor
00:00:13.379 --> 00:00:15.108
Why did you ask to see me
00:00:15.615 --> 00:00:17.001
If this is an escape attempt
00:00:17.025 --> 00:00:19.184
I'd already be free
00:00:19.352 --> 00:00:23.998
No I've already accepted my imminent execution
00:00:23.079 --> 00:00:26.001
This is a confession
00:00:26.259 --> 00:00:29.066
Forgive me doctor for I have sinned
00:00:30.763 --> 00:00:32.253
A lot
00:00:33.566 --> 00:00:35.003
You killed him

Clip duration: 36 seconds
Views: 23
Timestamp in movie: 01:11:18
Uploaded: 19 March, 2022
Genres: animation, action, family
Summary: After being poisoned by sun radiation, a dying Superman decides to fulfill his lifelong dreams while Lex Luthor has his own agenda.


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Lex Luthor - Anthony LaPaglia
Dr. Leo Quintum - Alexis Denisof
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