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I took a tiny piece of it

Everett K. Ross:
My intel reports that the chunk of vibranium you took was all that Wakanda had.
Ulysses Klaue:
[laughs, then gets serious]
ALL OF IT? I took a tiny piece of it! They have a MOUNTAIN of the stuff! And they haven't even scratched the surface.

and you stole
all their vibranium.
I stole...
All of it?
I took a tiny piece of it.
They have
a mountain full of it.
They've been mining it
for thousands of years...
and they still haven't
scratched the surface.
I'm the only outsider
who's seen it
and got out of there alive.
If you don't believe me,
you ask your friend
what his suit is made of.
What his claws are made of.

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Movie: Black Panther
Year: 2018
Genres: action, adventure, sci-fi
Summary: T'Challa, heir to the hidden but advanced kingdom of Wakanda, must step forward to lead his people into a new future and must confront a challenger from his country's past.


Everett K. Ross - Martin Freeman
Ulysses Klaue - Andy Serkis