Fred, dear Fred. There's so much that I want to say to you. You're the only one in the...

Brief Encounter1945
You're the only one in the world with enough wisdom and gentleness to understand
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Laura Jesson:
[thinking to herself while looking at her husband, Fred]
Fred, dear Fred. There's so much that I want to say to you. You're the only one in the world with enough wisdom and gentleness to understand. If only it was somebody else's story and not mine. As it is, you're the only one in the world that I can never tell. Never never. Because even if I waited until we were old, old people and told you then, you'd be bound to look back over the years and be hurt. And my dear, I don't want you to be hurt. You see, we're a happily married couple and let's never forget that. This is my home. You're my husband. And my children are upstairs in bed. I'm a happily married woman - or I was, rather, until a few weeks ago. This is my whole world, and it's enough, or rather, it was until a few weeks ago. But, oh, Fred, I've been so foolish. I've fallen in love. I'm an ordinary woman. I didn't think such violent things could happen to ordinary people.


00:00:02.542 --> 00:00:04.792
There's so much l want to say.
00:00:06.000 --> 00:00:10.334
You're the only one with the wisdom and gentleness to understand...
00:00:11.292 --> 00:00:13.917
if only it were somebody else's story and not mine.
00:00:15.625 --> 00:00:18.459
You are the only one in the world that l can never tell.
00:00:19.667 --> 00:00:21.002
Never, never.
00:00:21.875 --> 00:00:25.959
Because even if l waited until we were old and told you then...
00:00:26.542 --> 00:00:29.209
you'd look back over the years and be hurt.
00:00:30.542 --> 00:00:33.000
l don't want you to be hurt.
00:00:33.917 --> 00:00:35.209
You see...
00:00:36.002 --> 00:00:38.000
we're a happily married couple...
00:00:38.375 --> 00:00:40.334
and must never forget that.
00:00:41.292 --> 00:00:42.959
This is my home.
00:00:44.002 --> 00:00:45.584
You are my husband...
00:00:46.167 --> 00:00:48.209
and my children are upstairs in bed.
00:00:49.417 --> 00:00:51.292
l am a happily married woman...
00:00:52.458 --> 00:00:54.833
or l was until a few weeks ago.
00:00:56.005 --> 00:00:58.625
This is my whole world...
00:00:59.002 --> 00:01:00.542
and it's enough...
00:01:01.167 --> 00:01:03.005
or it was until a few weeks ago.
00:01:05.667 --> 00:01:08.025
l've been so foolish.
00:01:09.292 --> 00:01:10.958
l've fallen in love.
00:01:11.833 --> 00:01:13.333
l'm an ordinary woman.
00:01:14.375 --> 00:01:17.005
l didn't think such violent things happened to ordinary people.
00:01:19.625 --> 00:01:21.875
lt all started on an ordinary day...
00:01:22.875 --> 00:01:25.292
in an ordinary place...
00:01:25.833 --> 00:01:28.998
The Refreshment Room at Milford Junction.
00:01:29.375 --> 00:01:33.958
l was having a cup of tea and reading a book that l'd got from Boots.
00:01:34.292 --> 00:01:36.333
My train wasn't due for ten minutes.
00:01:37.292 --> 00:01:40.005
l looked up and saw a man come in from the platform.
00:01:41.458 --> 00:01:45.542
ln an ordinary mac, and hat. l didn't even see his face.
00:01:46.417 --> 00:01:48.333
He got his tea and turned...
00:01:48.005 --> 00:01:50.958
and then l did see his face. A nice face.
00:01:51.125 --> 00:01:53.333
-Any sugar? -ln the spoon.
00:01:53.625 --> 00:01:55.005
He passed by my table on the way to his.
00:01:56.917 --> 00:01:59.025
The woman was going on as usual.
00:01:59.458 --> 00:02:01.005
l told you about her the other day...
00:02:01.667 --> 00:02:02.958
the one with the refined voice.
00:02:03.125 --> 00:02:05.792
-Minnie hasn't touched her milk. -Did you put it down for her?
00:02:05.958 --> 00:02:07.958
Yes, but she never came for it.
00:02:09.000 --> 00:02:10.792
-Fond of animals? -ln their place.
00:02:11.025 --> 00:02:13.583
My landlady's mad for animals.
00:02:13.075 --> 00:02:16.998
She's got two cats, one manx, one ordinary...
00:02:16.025 --> 00:02:19.708
three rabbits in the kitchen. They belong to her little boy.
00:02:19.875 --> 00:02:22.667
And one of those daft looking dogs with hair over its eyes.
00:02:22.833 --> 00:02:27.002
-l don't know what breed you mean. -l don't think it knows itself.
00:02:28.667 --> 00:02:31.833
Go and clean Number 3, Beryl. l can see the crumbs on it from here.
00:02:32.000 --> 00:02:35.833
And my other cup? l have to go. The 5:40 will be here in a minute.
00:02:36.208 --> 00:02:38.458
-Who's on the gate? -Young William.

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Uploaded: 28 September, 2021
Genres: drama, romance
Summary: Returning home from a shopping trip to a nearby town, bored suburban housewife Laura Jesson is thrown by happenstance into an acquaintance with virtuous doctor Alec Harvey. Their casual friendship soon develops during their weekly visits into something more emotionally fulfilling than either expected, and they must wrestle with the potential havoc their deepening relationship would have on their lives and the lives of those they love.


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Laura Jesson - Celia Johnson