Why is life like a piss pot

Oh, why is life like a piss pot! Well, you see, I have the answer to that. It's the...

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Diana Scott:
Oh, why is life like a piss pot!
Well, you see, I have the answer to that. It's the bomb-loving. It must be.
Diana Scott:
That's right. It's the great, big, nasty bomb!
The great, big, nasty bomb! Let's face it, dear. Darling, life is a great big steaming mess!
Diana Scott:
Oh, I love you, if no one else does.
No one else does.
Diana Scott:
Oh, poor you.


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:03.499
I hate this flat
00:00:03.625 --> 00:00:06.707
WeII you've got your escargots anyway
00:00:09.208 --> 00:00:13.499
Have an avocado strangIed with prunes
00:00:13.625 --> 00:00:15.416
Have a bit of smoked saImon
00:00:15.542 --> 00:00:21.499
stuffed with caviar matured in fine EngIish gin
00:00:21.625 --> 00:00:25.374
For what you are about to receive may the Lord make you truIy thankfuI
00:00:27.417 --> 00:00:31.791
00:00:36.208 --> 00:00:37.666
00:00:38.875 --> 00:00:41.999
Oh my Iife is a pisspot
00:00:42.792 --> 00:00:45.916
WeII you see I have the answer to that Oh yes Have you
00:00:46.708 --> 00:00:49.997
It's the bomb Iovey It must be
00:00:49.167 --> 00:00:52.541
That's right It's the great big
00:00:52.667 --> 00:00:54.582
In unison nasty nasty bomb
00:00:55.792 --> 00:00:57.999
Let's face it dear
00:00:58.125 --> 00:01:01.582
DarIing's Iife is a great big steaming mess
00:01:01.708 --> 00:01:03.582
Diana moans
00:01:03.708 --> 00:01:07.666
Oh I Iove you if no one eIse does
00:01:07.792 --> 00:01:10.874
WeII no one eIse does Ah poor you

Clip duration: 75 seconds
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Timestamp in movie: 01h 18m 32s
Uploaded: 21 November, 2022
Genres: drama, romance
Summary: Beautiful but amoral model Diana Scott sleeps her way to the top of the London fashion scene at the height of the Swinging Sixties.


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Diana Scott - Julie Christie
Malcolm - Roland Curram