What is your name
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What is your name? My name is Nobody. Excuse me? My name is Exaybachay. He Who Talks Loud,...

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William Blake:
What is your name?
My name is Nobody.
William Blake:
Excuse me?
My name is Exaybachay. He Who Talks Loud, Saying Nothing.
William Blake:
He who talks... I thought you said your name was Nobody.
I preferred to be called Nobody.


00:00:01.432 --> 00:00:02.967
Stand up!
00:00:03.000 --> 00:00:04.469
What is your name?
00:00:05.369 --> 00:00:06.804
Answer the question!
00:00:09.073 --> 00:00:10.975
What is your name? Hey!
00:00:17.214 --> 00:00:19.249
Hey, Lou, the microchip arrived.
00:00:19.283 --> 00:00:21.151
I put the dough in your Swiss account.
00:00:21.185 --> 00:00:22.787
Sorry I didn't get back to you about that diamond thing,
00:00:22.082 --> 00:00:24.689
but Moscow's like Dodge City right now.
00:00:24.722 --> 00:00:26.924
All them greedy commies have turned into crazy capitalists.
00:00:26.957 --> 00:00:29.894
It's disgusting. It's made them sloppy.
00:00:29.927 --> 00:00:31.496
One or two more easy scores like this last one,
00:00:31.529 --> 00:00:32.093
I top 50 mil, I'm out of the game.
00:00:32.963 --> 00:00:34.231
Yeah, I heard that before.
00:00:34.264 --> 00:00:36.801
Not from me. I don't know nuttin'.
00:00:36.834 --> 00:00:38.235
You don't believe me? Try and find me.

Clip duration: 39 seconds
Views: 106
Timestamp in movie: 00h 21m 16s
Uploaded: 04 September, 2021
Genres: adventure, drama, fantasy
Summary: On the run after murdering a man, accountant William Blake encounters a strange aboriginal American man named Nobody who prepares him for his journey into the spiritual world.


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William Blake - Johnny Depp
Nobody - Gary Farmer