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Just shut your faggoty ass mouth

Jam! Just shut your faggoty-ass mouth! You're pissing me off! Now we came all this way and we've got absolutely nothing. So help me God, we are going to that concert.

I didn't think she was
going to steal his mom's car.
Jam, just shut your
faggotty-ass mouth, OK?
You're pissing me off.
Now, we came all this way...
we got an hour
and forty-five minutes...
and we got absolutely nothing.
So help me, God,
we are going to that concert.
We must get the cops in
on this Volvo situation.
Lex, this is Detroit.
You think the cops will waste
city dollars on a Swedish car?
You're right.
My mom's got insurance.
Why am I freaking out?
It's cool. She's gonna try
to ground me for a year.

Clip duration: 35 seconds
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Movie: Detroit Rock City
Year: 1999
Genres: comedy, music
Summary: In 1978, four rebellious teenagers try to scam their way into a KISS concert.

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