What can you expect from a woman? You're weak, helpless, and nothing but trouble. And that...

Dream Wife1953
And that goes for all of you
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Clemson Reade:
[as they walk toward the altar for their wedding]
What can you expect from a woman? You're weak, helpless, and nothing but trouble. And that goes for all of you. Harriet Beecher Stowe. She wrote about slaves, didn't she? Well, it sure takes one to know one.
She great woman. She write Uncle Tom's Cabin.
Clemson Reade:
Susan B. Anthony...
Susan B. Anthony fight for woman's vote. And that not all. Carry Country...
Clemson Reade:
Carry Nation!
Carry Nation.


00:00:02.197 --> 00:00:04.797
Tarji, I think you should explain things to these gentlemen.
00:00:04.798 --> 00:00:06.998
Now why don't you just run along, huh, fellows?
00:00:06.999 --> 00:00:08.999
Look, bud, why don't you go out and get a girl of your own?
00:00:09.000 --> 00:00:10.007
Yeah, and that goes for you, too.
00:00:10.701 --> 00:00:12.901
Go away! Who do you think you're cutting in on?
00:00:12.902 --> 00:00:15.102
Tarji! Dicky!
00:00:15.103 --> 00:00:17.103
Get your coat, honey. We're going dancing.
00:00:17.104 --> 00:00:20.404
Who's he? He promised to teach Tarji jitterbug.
00:00:20.405 --> 00:00:23.305
What am I supposed to do? Why don't you join the marines?
00:00:23.306 --> 00:00:26.306
Sorry, I must have the wrong... Tarji!
00:00:26.307 --> 00:00:28.607
Scotty! What is this, a convention?
00:00:28.608 --> 00:00:30.408
Hey, you don't have any shoes on.
00:00:30.409 --> 00:00:33.409
I know! Tarji, where did you meet all these people?
00:00:33.041 --> 00:00:35.032
I bought her an orange drink. We went walking in the park.
00:00:35.321 --> 00:00:37.221
I bought her a banana split. I met her in the movies.
00:00:37.222 --> 00:00:39.944
With Lana Turner. How did you find time to go to the automat?
00:00:39.945 --> 00:00:42.845
I beg your pardon, but I... Oh, Tarji!
00:00:42.846 --> 00:00:44.346
Uncle Clarence.
00:00:44.547 --> 00:00:46.944
Uncle Clarence? We were just leaving, Unc.
00:00:46.945 --> 00:00:49.002
Look, I met her first, fellows, so if you all don't mind running along.
00:00:49.999 --> 00:00:51.166
Are you kidding? Come on, Tarji, we're going dancing.
00:00:51.167 --> 00:00:53.567
Imagine! I'm taking her to a nightclub. I'll toss you all out.
00:00:53.568 --> 00:00:54.768
Gentlemen! Come on, honey.
00:00:54.769 --> 00:00:57.544
Now wait a minute! Nobody is taking no one nowhere.
00:00:57.545 --> 00:01:00.055
I don't believe we've met. I'll attend to you in a minute.

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Uploaded: 22 September, 2021
Genres: comedy, romance
Summary: A business tycoon decides to wed a Middle Eastern princess whose customs dictate the pair must live apart for several months before marrying. Even more complications settle in when the tycoon's ex-fiancée is assigned to chaperone the


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Clemson Reade - Cary Grant