And we all hate your new album
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Actually, his new album tested well among teenage males. Jane, did you compare the...

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Actually, his new album tested well among teenage males.
Jane, did you compare the percentage of teenage male Rex Manning fans to the incidence of homosexuality amongst teenage males?


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:02.418
And we all hate your new album
00:00:02.502 --> 00:00:04.042
Not to mention the ones before that
00:00:04.629 --> 00:00:06.506
You're a washed up imposter
00:00:10.717 --> 00:00:13.022
Why don't you all just fade away
00:00:16.999 --> 00:00:18.058
How could you With Rex Manning
00:00:18.683 --> 00:00:20.999
I hate you
00:00:20.852 --> 00:00:22.562
You better go home
00:00:23.048 --> 00:00:24.856
Am I fired
00:00:25.019 --> 00:00:28.734
Have I fired anyone today No Why would I start with you
00:00:31.112 --> 00:00:35.658
Is this how your life's going to be now You're going to screw every has been

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Timestamp in movie: 01:01:12
Uploaded: 03 April, 2022
Genres: comedy, drama, music
Summary: Twenty-four hours in the lives of the young employees at Empire Records when they all grow up and become young adults thanks to each other and the manager. They all face the store joining a ... Read all


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Jane - Debi Mazar
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